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NoBMob Freeride Jerseys

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By Stuart M - Posted on 14 March 2008

OK as briefly discussed as part of this thread, I am in the process of sourcing some looser fitting NoBMob jerseys.

It is early days yet so please be patient.

I have found a place in the states that makes custom ones. Their link is

The plan is that the jersey will have the same artwork, or as close as I can get, to the existing "road" jersey but will be either bikeatac's freeride or DH design, ie a looser fit. We will have an individual choice of sleeve length

I have an intitial cost of $65US an item plus artwork, postage and duties. I am in the process of getting a firm quote for artwork and postage. Duty will be about 25% but I am looking into ways around this.

As I said, early days yet and these will not be available before Dirtworks. They take 8 weeks from placing order.

Just letting everyone know so they can, as Christine said, plan their budgets, oh yeah, and leave Anke's post alone with talk of looser clothing Eye-wink

They also do skull caps and I'm geting these priced as well.

If you are interested then feel free to post your name here so that when the ball gets rolling I can make sure everyone interested is covered and I can place the order quickly



anke13's picture wasn't the looser clothing, but the tight, white lycra pants...

Stuart M's picture

to do with that, ever, not even six foot under, well OK maybe at one of Gazza's parties gawd just look at that photo will you

Paul's picture

Stuart, baggy and long sleeves will do me.

While I think the designers of the original NobMob jersey did a create job (suck, suck) would it be possible to add a little colour to it. Have you ever seen Sam Hill wear black, white, blue and grey, no only your accountant wears this combination.

Come on there must be someone creative out there, say a magazine editor/publisher with a little spare time at the moment who can wipe out the colour palette and create a colourful NobMob jersey.

Stuart M's picture

of the site and reckon it could replace the black for a start, then find a complimentary colour to replace the blue swish. Was just trying to keep it simple, and not step on toes.

I will look into this but only 'cause you asked so nicely

petulance's picture

since I first mentioned white knicks on the jersey thread. I don't own, or plan to, have a pair of white lycra knicks.

kiwiboy's picture

for a couple of jerseys - loose and long sleeved works.

if at first you don't succeed, try not to look astonished.

Noel's picture

1 thanks

Beany's picture

I think Black, white, grey and blue are perfect colours - now if you can do them in a camouflage pattern I can use it when I play "commando and captive" with the guys. Maybe add a little dark green so that it completely blends in with the landscape.

Don't forget it has to be sunsafe and low irratant for sensitive skins.

craigs's picture

Great idea Stu, good luck with the design. I am sure there will be 3000 posts to help with the colour scheme.
Any chance of baggy and short sleeve of a similar design?

dez_b's picture

colour like the nobmob banner, loose fit ,front zip short sleeve and long , mesh panels would be nice
my 2c worth

Stuart M's picture

but they can't do that on their free ride / DH designs. Limited to a v neck.

Mesh panels are a possibility, not sure what that does to the price but will try and find out.

As for colour Craig, yeah your right about the expected number of colours. Some joker even PM'd me with a design that was all pink and white, and no it wasn't cupcake. In their defense it was late on Friday night so they may not even remember it

Bruce's picture

Pink & white jersey sounds perfect!

petulance's picture

have got the whole pink and white jersey scheme sorted out

though they insist on calling their jersey colour magenta instead of pink.

Personally, I think it is more of a fuschia shade of pink than hot pink, but let's not get weighed down with the details ...

Bernd's picture

... is one of the nicer one...


christine's picture

i thought you already had a pink and was it purple road lycra top in the pipline with your 'other' road riding crew... what are they called again? The northshore roadies?!!

Paul's picture

Christine, I seem to recollect Bruce rides with Turramurra Cycles. I think he has their pink and blue lycra emsemble.

Bruce's picture

your just picking on me Christine because the Sharks beat Manly on Saturday night, haha

anke13's picture're a Sharks supporter Bruce. That's shocking!

Noel's picture

I vote NO to front zippers. If it is short sleave, I'll still get one, but I'd prefer a long sleave meshed pannel (down the sides and on the back) one as the long sleaves help on the overgrown single tracks.

Matt P's picture

Can I have one in size BIG please?

Actually do you have an idea as to how the sizes might work out? I tried on some "normal" jerseys the other day, size XL.

I've worn more comfortable tourniquets Sad

Zips? Gotta love the gimp look Eye-wink

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