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Converting to a 2 x10

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By gusgusset - Posted on 10 February 2014

Hello Esteem riders,

I just bought my self a Shimano SLX M665 double Chain set for my 2012 Trance x3

Will this fit?

I have sram x5 Front shifter

FD Shimano Deore 10 sp. 34.9

Sram X9 Front shifter

RD Sram X9 type 2

I was hoping to chuck it on without much more additional cost.

What you reckon

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You should be able to use all your current components, just throw on the new chainring and set the top limit screw on your front derraileur to stop at two clicks. There's two little screws on top of your front Derraileur one will adjust the top limit the other one will adjust the bottom limit.

To figure out which screw to adjust set the derraileur all the way to top or bottom and see which screw is touching. You shouldn't have to do any adjustments on your shifter. Hope that helps...

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Thanks Capt! I was worried as my original set up is 10 speed and the new chain set is 9 speed.

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I've seen nine speed chain rings work just fine with 10 speed rear, i've got the same on my bike.

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Ive got a similar set,
10 speed at the front 9 speed at the rear, lenght of the 9 & 10 speed is the same, AFAIK the width of the speed 10 chain is a fraction more narrow. I use the 9 speed chain without dramas,

edit: oops just re read your post. Mine is the opposite

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