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Adamo seats?

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By Zoom - Posted on 11 February 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Anyone tried one of those Adamo seats for MTB riding?

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Yes. I use Adamo Prologue saddles on both my Mountain bikes. Swear by them.

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I recently got one on the TT bike. I definitely wouldn't get one on a MTB, or any other bike, really.

During TTs you are in the saddle pretty much 100%, so anything you can do to easy your crotch is great. Road and MTB especially, you are out of the saddle all the time so theres much less need.

-Unlike a traditional saddle, they take some adjusting into the groove every time you sit. Again, fine for a TT, but annoying having to shift around to get comfortable every time you sit down.

-They have different points of contact, so even if you have a hard arse, it will likely take a few weeks to get used to it.

-The nose is also wider. If you have anything close to an aero pedal/knee technique, you will rub the insides of your thighs against the nose.

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