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Tech help Rockshox SID

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By BobaFett - Posted on 14 March 2008

I'm hoping some tech savy person can help me. My Rochshox SID have locked out. Okay, so i figure I should take them to a shop to be repaired. HOwever, I thought that I would just unscrew the top of the leg where you have the dial to lock them out, I took the screw out and then unscrewed the top of the leg. Hmmmm, just was sooo curious. I looked at it and thought that I should go no further. So tried screwing it back in, But it won't go in. No matter how hard I push and turn. Help me. I will feel quite the dork when I have to carefully carry my bike into the ship. I will be happy if someone can just tell me the trick to screwing the thing back in. And if there is a simple solution to locked out forks maybe tell me that as well.

Here's hoping

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Just a thought, this may make it easier for you to get it back together.

No idea about the lock out problem though, sorry. Although I do seem to remember something in a Fox manual about never attempting to pull theirs apart if they lock up as they can literally explode as you undo things.

Good luck

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