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Epic or Superfly ?

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By staffe - Posted on 13 February 2014

My shortlist of 29:ers is getting shorter.

Is there anyone out there who has ridden both an Epic Matahon or better and a Superly FS 9.8 or better and can offer some comparisons. I've only ridden the Epic myself and it was superb but Superfly keeps getting great reviews so I'm keen to hear from anyone who have ridden them both and can offer their thoughts.

If the comparison is for a small frame - that will be fantastic but I'm happy to hear from any reviewer regardless of frame size.

Many Thanks in Advance

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I rode the 2013 superfly 100 SL pro which is the carbon framed XT spec (before the FS 9.xx days). It was fantastic and I was all set to buy one, except they didn't have any and the wait was over 6 months. I ended up with an aluminium superfly for a stupidly cheap price and its pretty good - still kind of want the carbon though.....
I test rode a low end aluminium epic and it was terrible - way heavier than the superfly and the suspension didn't work for me.
Dicko and Wayne both run high spec epic and they fly on them, so they must be awesome. You really can't go wrong either way.

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Ive got the 2013 SuperflyIve elite and love it . Very quick and nimble . It has none of the down sides I thought a 29 er would have.
I have only ridden a 26 inch epic and was impressed with it as well.
I think as said above you couldn't really go wrong with either.
If you are racing at Tathra this year usually trek bring down some test bikes. Give Tathra beach and bike a call and see what they are bringing down

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I think I need to arrange a test ride of SF. My intention is to have a 29:er procured well before Tathra and shave heaps of time of the 100k:er


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