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Every bit helps

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By philberesford - Posted on 13 February 2014

Hello all
I received this email this evening from a riding buddy in Addlaide. Essentially it's a call to arms to help all riders of all disciplines.


I'm sending you this email because you ride a bike or you're a MAMIL or somehow part of the cycling community... and my friend Adam needs some support for his project which is aimed to help cyclists.

If you haven't seen Adam before, I ride with him and he died going up the first hill of the southern expressway on Amy's Ride 2012. Lucky for him some talented medicos were amongst the thousands behind us and they stopped, revived him, & the ambulance took him to hospital where he recovered. For the record, I took good care of his bike while the doctors saved his life :0)

Adam has put together the Ride2Live which has a fundraising campaign period that ends in just 6 days.

If you can support Adam's project then please hit up

If you know someone else that can help him, particularly a sponsor, please click fwd.

Here is Adam's msg...
I have launched the project on Indiegogo - the main crowd funding platform which supports charity projects such as this one. The project will not go live and everyone gets their money back if I don't reach $20k and this is very much non-profit - If I do reach my $20k and it goes live I still lose about $1,500 overall, but this was never to be a money maker, it is just something which I believe in.

I have a 7,000 strong Facebook following on my Ride2Live Facebook community which is the right audience for the product but converting people into buying a first aid book is not so easy!! I think it is just the natural assumption we all have that we are bullet-proof?!

Sooo… I am calling on you all to share this project - ideally via Indiegogo, it has a share function on the project page - comment if you like - all of which helps the project's chances of being featured on their homepage which equates to much larger cut through.
For anyone not familiar with these platforms, this is not just a donation, you are purchasing products so if the project goes live there are tangible purchases at very fair prices, so it's not just "another donation"
It is likely the funds raised from the sale of the bike I won through the Amy Gillett Ride fundraising will go back into this project.
My main aim is to get corporate sponsors on board, whether they be bike shops or companies who believe in cycling and want to align with a product which could make a real difference to cyclists over the world.
The sponsorship platform for corporates is $2,000 but I'm more than willing to build specific packages to businesses with benefits and outcomes to suit each and make it worthwhile.

If anyone has contacts or suggestions for businesses who may be interested, please pass this on or send me a message to make contact, of course it's all about who you know, so the personal foot in the door is priceless.
Even if its just access to a member database or spreading the word, it all helps along the way.

Attached is the article from The Advertiser last Friday… of course I'll be looking for more PR closer to the closing date of the campaign (February 18), which equates to exposure for sponsors, etc.

So anyway, here is the link to the campaign:
This puts you straight through to the Indiegogo campaign and will switch to the project website if it gets funded.

So get on board and help a brother out. You never know you might need it too.


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