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26inch tyre for a trainer

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By andyfev - Posted on 18 February 2014

Looking for advice on what the minimum width tyre I can use on a bog standard 26inch wheel so I can reduce the noise from Gel roller trainer. I've hijacked the Wife's Giant Boulder to hook up on the trainer but the noise from the tyre is too great. Tyre is currently 26x1.95.

Also, will tyre pressure effect noise? Currently at 50psi


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Any slick tyre will do, and I would guess the skinnier it is the quieter it would be. You can get special trainer tyres too, Google "Continental Hometrainer".

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grab any cheap slick.

It will be quieter than a knobby but not as quiet as a rim driven trainer.

Bike corp do a 26 x 1.5 city slicker copy

that you should be able to pick up cheap from most bike shops.

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Knobbys on the trainer. Love it. You must be popular with the family Eye-wink

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I have 2 Specialized fat boy slicks - 26 x 1.25 that you can have for free. They are used but still life left. I don't have any 26 inch bikes anymore.
Pickup from Surry Hills during business hours.

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Thanks for the advice all. Mike, would be super keen for those tyres I'll PM you. Cheers

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Any chance of a pickup on the weekend if they are?

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