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By Bernd - Posted on 16 March 2008

Anyone selling, or else a 1 1/8" headset?
have one on order, but the US bikeshop is a bit slow, have all other gear, but need a headset, so I can take the hardtail for a test spinnnnnn....

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Bernd, I have one you can use. 100mm 25.4 bars (skinny). Titec Fast Al.
If it's use full you can use it but I suspect you might have the fatter bars.

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I think Craig he is referring to headset bearings rather than a stem?

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Spot on Buck

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Hey Bernd go one of these - you'll probably just end up using it till it dies. Bill's ( guy who has the store) is a top bloke and you should get it overnight or the next day.

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Oh yeah, now it makes sense....

Sorry bout that.

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.. a lot, guy's.
I wait one more night for the not comeing my way reply from cambriabike...
Thanks for your help.

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Du kannst eines meiner headsets haben...nichts edles, aber good furr ein paar Monate. Brandneu, hat aber ein offenes ballrace. Umsonst - hols dir ab in Lindfield.

Gruesse Hans

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you could be saying anything in that foreign tongue!! Eye-wink

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.. habe heute in Brisbane ein gebrauchten Steuersatz erworben, Cane Creek fuer $20!
All good, Gazza we are a "nice" German "kraut"!!!!
Thanks a lot, again to all of you, I'm all good now,

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....mentioning the War? Eye-wink

Cause i didn't

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.. yet..but we are "sinking about it"!!!

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... Google Translate Hans said:

You can have one of my headsets ... nothing noble, but good furr a few months. Brand new, but it has an open ballrace. Freely - hols you into Lind Field.

To which Bernd replied:

Thank you very much ..

.. Have today in Brisbane used a tax rate acquired Cane Creek for $ 20!

Still doesn't make much sense though? Eye-wink

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has a headset he was happy to give to me, just pick it up in Lindfield,
I got a 2nd hand ("tax rate acquired"!!!???)crane creek headset by chance in a bike shop in Brisbane!
Thants all......

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Not that we are nosey Eye-wink

Only included that translation for comedic value really... it's quiet amusing if you translate to/from various languages what these tools come up with.

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We all know when they are arguing because all of a sudden they start speaking in German, regardless of where they are, who's there or what the conversation was.

Quite amusing when you holiday with them.

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...ich verstehe garnicht warum Die das alle so lustig finden wenn wir Deutsh sprechen?

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"I understand why the garnicht all find it funny when we speak English?"

Now Anke should we be offended be being called a "garnicht" or should that be a "garnish" because we make ordinary look good?

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لا ادري ما يتحدثون عنها!


I reject your reality and substitute my own...

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I think we have too much time on our hands

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