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Bring on the Pain

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By Rob - Posted on 16 March 2008

Start of the Womerah Range Climb.

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I assume that the bitumen road is the one that runs to / from the car ferry? Also, is the firetrail easily navigable to complete a large loop. If my bike is ready, I might try to go for a gentle amble around the area over the long weekend.

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Yeah, you cross the West Ferry and ride the road to St Albans. There is a left/straight turn in the road just after the ferry, but aside from that, Womerah is the first left you'll find and is shown here.

Up the top there's only two firetrail sized junctions. The first is where these two pictures are taken:

Taking a Break Womerah Range Firetrail

Not that they help you, aside from if you load the KML link bottom to see where they are. It's about half way along before the next junction Eye-wink Anyhow, bear right there in the downward direction.

Second is the junction with Jacks Track here:

Bring on the Fun

As you can see it's signposted.

Take it easy down Jacks Track, very steep at the end, but lots of fun Smiling

At the bottom turn right to head into St Albans and any way you like from there, or turn round and do it in reverse. Have fun!

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