Brown Snake

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By thshs - Posted on 25 February 2014

Had an unfortunate encounter with this fellow today on the main trail at Red Hill.
Was walking the dog and unfortunately I think he was bitten.
At the Vet's currently and hopefully seems to be ok.
After $1000+ of anti-venom it would seem that his days as a trail dog are over!
Be aware. They're out there.


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I really hope he's alright mate
I'd even sell my bike to save my dog
Wife, dog , bike, everything else - in that order

Our dog has the most inquisitive nose
And I get very nervous in snake season

Let us know that he's OK

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Hope your dog recovers that looks like a whopper of a brown

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If its any consolation I had a dog bitten by a brown snake many years ago. The anti venom worked and the dog lived to a ripe old age.

Best of luck.

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That is a big snake - hope Bo's alright.

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Also came across a big brown snake on fire trail heading into old tip off Mona vale road on Saturday afternoon. We thought it was easy 4 - 5 foot long.
Was very game and not afraid of two noisy mountain bikers. We back tracked quickly and quietly. Bloody things are the only downside of mountain biking!

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Glad I rode Menai today instead. I was flipping a coin with Red Hill. Which part was this at and what time?

I see it is reared up. Was the dog on the other side?

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Dog is now home and recovering.
It happened on the main trail in from the Red Hill, right at the junction where the fire road turn off to Maybrook is. If you're on strava it would be at the start of the horse hill segment or the end of the carvings down hill is.
Have heard of a couple of near misses with browns up there recently including one just near there where one had a strike at one of the regular runners.
I'm still kicking myself for not seeing the snake before the dog walked past it. I didn't actually see the strike, just heard him yelp. He took off up the trail but I couldn't get past the snake. Had to throw rocks at it to get it to move away. It seemed quite determined to stand it's ground.
So I doubt that I'll be taking him on the trails anytime soon but I certainly don't begrudge the snake. I appreciate that snakes are just a part of the bush that we all like to enjoy. I'm sure there many more that we ride past and just don't see.
They are not malicious, just snakes.
Carry a First Aid kit, have a phone. Be aware.
Cheers All.

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Good news.
Snakes are just doing their thing
And we do ours
And just hope the two never meet in your circumstances

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I was riding from Cherrybrook to Hornsby via Westleigh a few weeks back and went past 3 red belly blacks in the space of 2kms. Middle of the day and it was hot. Thankfully they just shy away, Browns on the other hand are aggressive pricks of things. Good to hear your best friend has lived to fight another day

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