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Manly dam condition

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By StevieG - Posted on 01 March 2014

Does anyone know the status of the dam? Last twitter update from warringah council was that it was still open but that was 24 hours ago.

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It was open first thing this morning, but there's been a fair bit of rain since I was there.

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Cascades or Terrey Hills fire trails would be a more sensible option.

Riding singletrack in the wet does a lot of damage at Manly Dam and the northern Sydney area due to the soil's fragility, and is generally not appreciated by the trail fairies.

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I can't believe the dam is not officially closed. Perhaps someone who's seen it today would like to adjust the traffic lights accordingly?

Here's the last update:

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I only rode the rocky bits and walked the single track... to keep the trail fairies smiling.

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PS Rob - I'd mark it as amber (proceed with caution) but not sure how to change it on the site.

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