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Map legend explanation please

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By Ponsonby16 - Posted on 12 March 2014

Could somebody educate a newbie as to the meaning of the coloured dots (brown, yellow, etc) alongside the trails lists. Thanks, Peter.

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Traffic lights.

Red: the trail is closed and should not be ridden

Orange: The trail has issues use good judgement and take car

Green: All ok.

Be mindful its a user generated system, so may not be the official status and you should use sensible judgement in adverse weather/wet trails

Oh and brown is just that light is not on.....

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That makes sense, thank you.
How about the colour of the trails on the maps themselves when I open them? Yellow, green, brown? Is that the same system?

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On the trail maps the default colour (this can be changed in the overlay box) are IMBA rating for the trail.

Again, user generated so nothing official, but gives an indication.

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Thanks for the help

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