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By Team evolution - Posted on 18 March 2014

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Has anyone done this with shimano xt gear I'm running the standard tripple chain ring and a xt shadow rear derailer on my hard tail just never use the other 2 rings on the crank when raceing

Like the idea of loosening a bit more weight of the bike as well any info would be great


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I have just built a bike using a XT rear derailer and the Race Face narrow wide chain ring.

Have only ridden it twice so far but loving it, no need for chain guide as long as your derailer has the clutch on it.

Also Morgan at EMR http://emrbike.com will be getting in some 42 tooth sprocket for your cassette which will give you the range of the new 1x11 setups.

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I converted my XT 2 x 10 to a 1 x 10, using a 32T Widgit. I'm loving it.

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Did either of you guys change your cranks or was it just to fit a new middle ring

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Just fit a single ring, either thin-thick or old fashioned, and away you go

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You'll need some slightly longer chainring bolts too

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I have asked same question before and some relies can be found


You can use the middle ring and no need to use spacer. I would go to wolf tooth website for further reference.

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These are the bits you'll need to do the conversion to a Raceface Wide Narrow single ring.
1/. Raceface wide narrow chainring with 104mm bolt centres. Sizes range from 30t - 38t.
2/. Raceface replacement chainring bolts Part#A10014. Go for the steel as they can be used again if you go to a different sized ring later down the track, and the weight difference is negligible compared to the alloy.
3/. Raceface Chainring Tab Shims Part#D40331. Given that you are using the triple ring cranks you'll need these shims other wise the bolts won't fit.

If you want to clarify the above info go to the Raceface website www.raceface.com.

You'll also need a rear mech with the clutch system such as the XT/XTR Shadow Plus units.


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Thanks for that already running a xt shadow rear derailer so it all looks good

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I added a Wolftooth (28T) front ring to my cheap as SRAM X5 cranks and X7 rear and have lost my chain exactly once in 9 months. It's a fairly cheap experiment at approx $70 to see if it works then sell the ring and bolt all that front derailleur crapola (about 1kg in my case) back on if it fails.

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bear in mind a XT shadow doesn't have a clutch, the shadow plus does. As all74 said you don't need a clutch but if you don't some form of chain retention device is required.

I've run 1x9 for ages with a couple of different configs and found without a guide I'd lose the chain regularly (multiple times per ride), with a top guide only I'd lose it every few rides and with a full guide I never lost it. Something like a MRP 1.x is a good choice of top guide but there's a few alternatives out ther

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I modded my old Enduro this way & it's been great. I fitted a straight cut 32 On One st stl front ring to my XT 104 BC cranks & a Zee (clutched) mid rear derraillier with Zee 10spd shifter. I also have some BBG chainring plates in case the chain jumped but have had absolutely no problems whatsoever with the naked chainring.

In hindsight maybe I should have gone for the 34 chainring as it's a 26" & the big 36 rear still gives a nice low ratio but that's my only minor regret, the set up works superbly & really suits this trail/fun 130 both ends bike (see profile shot)
Total cost from 3x9 was $180.

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My mistake already have the shadow plus derailer with the clutch lever so all is good

Wonder how many people are raceing in this configuration

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I converted my Trance 26" recently. Went for the race face wide/narrow in the 34T. Currently running an 11-36 cassette. I ummed and ahhed over whether to go 32 or 34 at the front but so far seems to be pretty good. Also installed a new zee rear mech at the same time. Pretty sweet set up, no dropped chains, quiet and simple, shifts are awesome. I was going to get the tabs for the spider but in the end I think it comes down to aesthetics, ie not 100% necessary. I did use some new stainless steel single bolts. All in all I'm really happy with it. Would be interesting to see how the legs handle a long sustained climb though!



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Yep, both my bikes are running 1x10 conversions from 3x10. Both work just fine, no chain drops with the wolf tooth rings, less chain slap, less noise and less maintenance. Using shadow plus clutched on my trance and ghetto chain guide on the reign x until some spares for my many broken shadow plus RDs arrive.

Trance: Shimano xt shadow plus mid cage RD, xt 11-36 cassette, SLC 3x crank set, wolf tooth 32t drop stop ring, single ring bolts. This bike will be getting a wolf tooth 42t giant cog conversion soon.

ReignX: XT shadow (no clutch) long cage RD, ghetto chain guide (made from reflector bracket, cable ties and garden hose), XT 11-36 CASSETTE, Deore 3x10 crank set, wolf tooth 32t drop stop, chromag bash guard, standard ring bolts.

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