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Anyone with a 08 Trance X1???

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By pieboy98 - Posted on 21 March 2008

Gday Boys and Girls

Am looking at getting a Trance X1 in the near future
Any ideas on the bike, it's flaws, if any, and any possible improvements?
Any damage, breakdowns??

Any feedback would be much appreciated
Anyone know anyone selling one 2nd hand??


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Hi, the Trance X was introduced in 2008. I know someone who had a 2007 Trance 2 which was stolen and he was tossing up between the Trance X1 and the Reign (non-X) 1 - the main difference been the travel. In the end he went for the Trance X1 in the end and loves it (says it is much better than his old Trance), but I have not ridden with him since he bought it.


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Cheers, thanks for the reminder of what year we're in!!!
Yes was meaning 2008 Trance X1
Have recently sold my Reign 1
I found it too heavy for the riding i was doing,
never got the chance to get to thredbo dh which was the plan

thanks for input


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My girlfriend has a Trance X2 which as I'm sure you are aware is simply the next cheaper one in the range.She loves it.She chose it as it's black and felt she could accessorize more effectively.I pointed out that the X1 is only $400 extra with better stuff on it but she was having none of it.So we get it home and she jumps online to purchase a set of hope mono mini brakes in pink,costing approx $530.That's the spirit.
I ride an 07 Reign in a medium size and I've ridden her bike which is a small size and even to me it feels tops.She rides it often enough to demonstrate that it's certainly a relable bike.Her mtb skills are moving along in leaps and bounds and I swear it's due to her now having rear suspension with a clever linkage and also having quality brakes.
I'm a very big fan of the Giant Maestro design and I'm confident of Giant's build quality.Before I bought my bike I read a lot of press and spoke to a lot of bike shop guys about them to find that since the Maestro release in 2005 there has been few issues.
I give my Reign a hard time and it's a great bike.I love it so much that I went out and bought an 07 Glory in order to satisfy my downhill fantasies,then I bought a Thredbo season pass...
I have complete confidence in Giant full sespension bikes from my own experience,my girlfriend loves her X2 and can tell the difference in suspension action when she has a go of other brands and I reckon you should go buy one.

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As posted by Noel you should read the thread I started, I posted my first review too Smiling

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