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Thanks from the SXC Racing Team

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By Dicko - Posted on 01 April 2014

Thank you everyone for all your support, encouragement and best wishes over the past week. Believe me, all the messages
Contribute to getting us up the next day, or pushing us over that final climb.

Brian is back in Oz now and on his way to recovery. I am on my way down to Port Elizabeth along the Garden Route, to eat relax and spend some time with the family.

We have caught up on all our race / stage blogs, and they are up on the website for those that are interested.

Again thank you, and will see you again soon on our return.

SXC Racing (Brian & Wayne)

P.S. I have left the MTB in Cape Town- wont be touching that for a couple of weeks !

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Yes thanks guys for all the support. I landed this arvo and even managed to get my rock through customs to keep as a momento Smiling

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I enjoyed reading the blogs and following it in twitter land, unfortunately missed the final stages as I was in NZ. Hope you're recovering well Brian? Maybe even have a week off the bike Eye-wink Wayne enjoy the hols, you've deserve it!

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Top effort to both you guys

Had my head in my hands when I read about your stack Brian
So disappointing and I was expecting the worst as I read it
Thankfully no breaks though
As you say, that's racing - still sucks though

you both sure do have some guts and determination

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Unfortunately I think I'll be forced to more then a week off the bike Sad

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I've been following the race results and the SXC blog daily.
hope you're on the mend quickly Brian.
Well done to the both you for taking on this challenge !

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Seeing the conditions you guys raced in, I admire your ability to gut it out solo, and finish so well. It must have been the hardest last three days, not to mention seeing Brian go down. I hope you appreciate the time off the bike and recover well - there's a Convict waiting for you. Brian, recover soon; hopefully you can follow up with some great results and get back to Africa in the coming years.

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My hat goes off to you both on the effort to train for this race and compete in it a great level.
Dicko, huge congrats on a top effort to finish the race off.
I hope you both make it back to do the race again.


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