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2014 Absa Cape Epic Crash Pics

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By Brian - Posted on 02 April 2014

I'm back in Australia now and recovering well. I had the dressing changed today and I got a good look of the damage that was done on the Stage 4 crash

I've also got my hands on the X-Rays taken and just how far the rock got embedded. They had to get an Orthopaedic Surgeon to remove it as they classed it having bone involvement and you'll see what they mean by that Eye-wink

The pictures are
- when the first help arrived
- in the medic tent at the race centre
- the rock they removed from my arm
- 1st X-ray of the rock embedded
- 2nd X-ray of the rock embedded
- the wound 6 days after the crash

kitttheknightrider's picture

bloody hell Brian you don't do things by halves do you mate?

Wasn't expecting that big a cut, I presume that was from the crash and not from the surgeons trying to get the rock out?

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What exactly did you hit that made such a massive gash? Glad you're recovering well, that looked like SOME crash! How long will it be before you can ride again?

Brian's picture

I guess it would have been mostly the crash but I can't really say how much the surgeon added.

It was just a gravel farm road but as it was a front end wash out you generally come down hard. Also, the type of gravel meant it just slices you up.

No wonder it hurt like hell though, that rock wedged itself in deep and I think that would have been causing a lot of the pain.

evan's picture

Wow that's some damage.
In all seriousness tho congrats on giving the race ago. I wish you a speedy recovery.


andyfev's picture

Looks like a shark attack! That's some serious soft tissue injury you've sustained. Best wishes for a quick and full recovery.

Congrats to you both for such an awesome achievement.

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That entire cut / gashes is from the crash !

When Brian went down i was hoping for the best i.e a little lie down and he will get up and keep riding.

When i stopped and helped Brian out, I knew immediately once seeing his arm our race was over. He took the full impact
On his forearm, and the surface was that sharp shaley stuff - that just slices through your skin.

Brian just kept on saying - 'dont tell me what it looks like' and believe me - i didnt want to tell him.

You are so lucky mate, not to have a break - with the impact of the crash, the gash, the blood (you can see on the blanket on the first photo) and the arm was swollen like a balloon - both me and the first medic and doctor on site thought it was a compound fracture with joint damage.

I am so glad for you that all you will have is a scar.

Speedy recovery - Wayne (Dicko)

obmal's picture

nice crash but what? no bike pictures??

or is your bike posting pictures of its crash and subsequent time spent up on the mechanics work stand on some other bike bikes forum?

"Hey other dude bikes.. I had this stack and scratched up my riders handlebar stay, he's recovering well, I hope to get him out again for some riding soon"
"sorry to hear that, I hope your rider is healing well and you get all that mud out of your bearings soon"

anyhow.. I hope your bike is healing well?

Just kidding, bugger of a thing a hospital exit from a race, hope you recover quickly enough to get right into some of the upcoming races.

Brian's picture

Haha. I actually couldn't see any damage on the bike when I packed it for the trip home. I didn't unpack it and just dropped it (still in the bike bag) to Cyclery Northside. I didn't see the point of putting it together I'd they are just going to strip it down.

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I must confess a sharp gasp came out of my mouth! Far-out dude! You're very brave and speedy recovery onwards.

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Nasty dmage to your arm. Glad you're healing up OK.

I hope the medical bills aren't too onerous. What did you do for insurance?

Brian's picture

Velosure covered me. It did take a little to get the claim approved but they come through in the end. One fine print I didn't notice was once you return home you are no longer covered

On another note. In South Africa the AUD goes a very long way. Combine this with a low cost of living and you realise how expensive living in Sydney is.

Andy Bloot's picture

Classic scar mate - well done

I thought first that the red on the blanket was blood
but then thought it was the reflection from the guys jacket
But then see that it was blood!

Could have been a lot worse and thankfully not a compound fracture as they first thought

kitttheknightrider's picture

Bloot, from memory you have experienced a lot worse. Haven't you had to have a brake lever removed from a certain "baggy" part of your anatomy following a similar high speed low side slideout? Now where is that pic?

hathill's picture

Are these the ones?

did anyone get the license plate

rock puncture

Sorry Andy Smiling

kitttheknightrider's picture

Nope, that was another crash some time later. The other ones are far more graphic and sealed in a file marked "never to be opened". (but there are copies floating around the www if you know where to look.

Brian's picture

and I wouldn't go looking for it because you'll then be scarred for life Eye-wink

Brian's picture

I got my stitches out today so another step closer to recovery Smiling

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