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pram with 8" rotors hayes mags :)

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By Alex - Posted on 22 March 2008

just got a new fanger pram, and want to pimp it out with an old set of hayes mags with a perfectly fitting 8" rotor Smiling overkill? yes but thats the point! any advice would be apreciated as to how to go about it! the mounts and spot are there for the lever, just need to find a way to mount it to the wheel with the caliper not pretruding too much...ive got pics but dont know how to attach them to this thread..?? heres the links to the pics anyway..

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good call on the disc brakes, I'm thinking of converting mine to tubeless....haven't decided which shock to go with though!

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yeh we ended up deciding on not getting the fully suspended pram, because the steering was shite, had a brake that you had to adjust the position of depending on how you wanted to move the pram (back, forward etc) too fiddly.. but a nice 8" rotor, a sub-woofer and some uv lighting and im in business Smiling

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