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Tentative Pre Convict Training Rides

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By Tristania - Posted on 03 April 2014

To complement my Convict 100 training consisting of intervals on the road and exercise bikes, hill reps and other unpleasant things, I‘m trying to get out on several long distance rides before the race, and would like to reward myself by going through some nice country and ride in new places.

Next on the list (other than two recon Wisemans Ferry rides) is ride from Ourimbah to Awaba via Watagan Forest Road. This looks like about 40 or 50km, plus a 10km lap of each singletrack. I did a rogaine in the Watagans and it's a lovely area (though not at the time as I had my legs shredded navigating through the bush!) and am keen to go back so worked out a route to take using a train shuffle.

Obviously, I‘d neex to have at least one person with me, just a quick invite to anyone whose relatively fast (you‘ve seen my race times to compare) and keen, it'd be great to get out there, so send me a PM/comment if interested in it or any of tr other mentioned rides. Won't be out to set any records but want to move along as well Smiling

Either way, if you race an MTB at all, you've GOT to be at the Convict, so keep training hard!

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I'd be keen but... Sad

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Any idea when you'll be allowed to ride again?

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I see my doctor Monday night so will see how that goes

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I hope it's good news but I suspect you'll be told no physical activity that can raise a sweat until the stitches are out.

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I'm thinking stitches will be out on Monday or Tuesday Smiling

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That'll be good when that business is over. How does the arm feel?

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Arm seems to be getting a lot better which is good

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I rode the south leg of Watagan Forest Road just the other day for the first time. The entire road is looked after quite well considering that it is fire road.

One of the guys I was riding with thought that it was very similar to the convict.

Probably a bit too late for you now sorry! But - maybe next time.

It is a good training trail. It follows the ridge line mostly, and the rain doesn't bother it too much. A smidgen of mud/clay/sand in places, but mostly really good.

There are no re-supply points once you start on Watagan Forest Road. 'The Pines' picnic area does have water tanks, but they aren't reliable, and I'd be treating the water too!

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