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2015 Cape Epic Team Mate wanted

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By GarethP - Posted on 08 April 2014

G'day All,

Long time lurker of this site. Decided to sign up because I am looking for a teammate for next years Cape Epic. After reading the experiences of SXC Racing and others I had to sign up and I was one of the 100 lucky ones to get an early bird entry.

My 'dating' profile:

A middle of the pack rider - (4:36 at Capital Punishment this year). More on the relaxed, fun side than super competitive but enjoy racing and giving it a crack. Been riding for a couple of years but have been doing endurance sport for about 7 years now (mostly running). Have done a few multi day running events so I believe I have the right headspace for these types of events. I'll definitely be aiming to be in really good shape for the race.

I'm 36 years old with a 2 year boy and I usually ride about 200-300km per week - mostly commuting.

I'm pretty easy going, my main aim for the Epic is to enjoy it, finish it and soak up the experience.

PM me if you think you might be interested and we can talk.

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Man you are super lucky to get an early bird entry as they sold out in 10 seconds. Shoot us a PM if you want and I'm happy to discuss logistics etc.

The scale of the event is massive that you could not ever experience in Australia.


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Cheers mate, I'll definitely take you up on that. I was super bummed for you, all that hard work and training - GRRRRRR. But when you race at the limit it's a risk you take I guess.

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Mate - I am 100% jealous because I failed to get an entry and am now either in the lottery, or trying to work out some other way of getting in.

Good luck in finding a partner, but if for some wild reason you change your mind, or take up a different sport in the interim, I'd love to have first refusal on your entry if you sell it on....

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I don't reckon I'll change my mind! But a year is a long time and should anything happen I'll definitely offer the entry to you first. Pity I'm not WAY quicker! Smiling

I have heard of people getting media entries and I believe closer to the time it is relatively easy to pick one up. The Hub is a South African forum to keep an eye on. But good luck with the lottery anyway!

I have a tip for people wishing to enter the early bird - you are able to register a profile on the website and fill in all your details. I did this and then when entries opened all my details were pre-filled and all I did was press 'Apply' - too easy! I have entered lots of races that fill in minutes and this was easily the best and smoothest entry I have had.

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Hi - yes, I'm keen. Can you send me some contact details or PM me to discuss further? Thanks

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