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Croesus Track

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By donkerr - Posted on 11 April 2014

Rode the Croesus track last weekend on the West coast of the South Island NZ. Most of the parks there are Forest Parks so seems they are all rideable. There's a whole heap of much more technical terrain available. I think it's definitely a destination to look into but weather would be a huge deterrent - it is the wettest place in NZ. Apparently when wet some of these are un rideable. NZ is really world class in terms of alternatives now. They have apparently just finished the Taupo trails - that's single track around the whole of Lake Taupo. It's a pretty easy long weekend too.

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Looks like you struck good weather, I've been on the coast before and had constant rain for a week with honestly no let up. Have to watch some of the ferns and gorse bushes as they'll shred your arms and legs.

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Great video.

I was curious if you were going to fly in...

How long does it take to ride down?

Being a "Coaster" I can tell you that it's not as wet as everyone makes out. But when it does rain, it RAINS!

I'm keen as to get over to NZ and hit some of those local trails around the Coast.
Maybe we can do a group trip some mum still lives there, so free accommodation Smiling

There's a local MTB club and quite a few videos up from a lot of locations around the coast.
There's a few here:

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I flew in on the Friday afternoon then rode it up and back on the Saturday morning. The pilot will drop you anywhere and he dropped me right on top of the knob which was very cool. Takes about 45 mins down from the hut to the road and took me 90 mins up. The pitch isn't too steep but it's quite loose rock. I will definitely be heading back there at some stage to try the stuff around Reefton. Stunning country - a 3 day weekend starting at Craigeburn would be very easy I think.

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That video is sensational, Don.

Looking to do NZ with the youngster in December.

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