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NobMob website/trail list suggestion

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By shane2493 - Posted on 14 April 2014


I find this site really useful, in fact I rarely visit other Australian mountain bike sites. I find the always updated trail status' around my area useful, I would not have even known about some around me without the help from this site.

However, as the trail list seems to be ever growing, and not having visited even a tenth of the trails on the list (but plan to visit many in the years ahead), it is getting a little much to take in. Its great that the trails are listed by area, its easy to see what's near you and plan weekend trips to check out other tracks. However if there were sub-categorys within the area lists, such as DH, All mountain, XC and plain old fire trail it would make it even easier to navigate to a trail which suits riders interests.

What I mean is when you click on the 'trails' tab at the top of the page, you get a list of Trails by Location. There could be another button where you click 'Trails by category' or something to that effect.

Has anyone else had the same idea?

Call me lazy, there is an awful lot of trail pages to look through these days on NobMob. Not being from Sydney, which is where the majority of trails seem to be, it's hard to know where to look to begin with!

Anyway if the guys who run the site read this, just a suggestion. Great page.

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You probably want to use the ride finder.

Double black diamond will find you an area with full on DH stuff. Green or white - the other end.

Of course this is only as good as the data here but if you find any errors feel free to update (the trails DB is like a wiki - anyone can edit it).

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I don't run the page. But all the data in the pages are user edited like a wiki page.

In the map, you can filter out location by IMBA trail difficulty. But the success of this comes back to the pages being upto date by those most familiar to the tracks.
A lot of the tracks have yet to be updated to a trail difficulty.

It has been suggested before to filter by style but this has not been implemented yet.

I do agree that it would be good for us editors if we could nominate if the trail site has DH,AM,XC (mostly sngletrack) and XC (mostly Firetrail). then be able to filter by it.

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Although the output is only as good as the opinions of those who made the page, this is a good way of filtering results:

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That ride finder does help. Don't know how I've been missing that. It really narrows it down, so many on the XC fire trail side of things.

Personally I am after good XC singletrack, fun and flowing with some climbs. Ourimbah is prime for this, lots of others I find are quite slow and just plain old hard work with no reward.

Trail Flix is good too, I agree. But same issue with the long list. Their grading system seems more accurate.

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