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first review (Trace X)

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By Alysum - Posted on 23 March 2008

hi, yep I've done the Manly Dam last week end Terrey Hills yesterday.
It's a great bike, especially the dual suspension sucking up everything, nice and light too, I jumped off much higher than I expected over a waterbar which took me by surprise on the Long Track and nearly fell off lol
Brakes are super powerful and gear changing nice and smooth.

However I'm still trying to find the right stem to correct my lower back pain, I've changed the stem from the original 110mm (very long...) to a 90cms; it's better but still a bit of a sore back. I think this is just because the frame is much longer than my old Trek.
I've already complained about the hard saddle which I will be replacing with a WTB Rocket V soon. The grips aren't great either; got sore calluses yesterday. Anyway those are minor issues which can be easily solved so I'm definitely happy with this beautiful bike Smiling

I will be doing some more Northern Beaches trails to practice before I go for an Anderson - Oaks double, hopefully early April. Lets organize one guys ! Smiling

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Sounds good. With the grips, do you wear gloves? If not I highly recommend them.

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Sure I do wear gloves Smiling The grips just seem to be so thin and are already wearing out !

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I didn't quite finish my previous post as dinner was waiting. With the stem my X0 came with 100mm and I have swapped it for the 90mm. The reason I did this was I normally get small bikes but the medium felt good. Since then I have put 100mm back on to see how it goes.

Also, it did take me a while to adjust the seat both fore/aft and the angle to get it comfortable and it seems fine now. I see you may be going to cascades tomorrow, I have just posted a ride for 3pm if you are interested.

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Hi Alysum

I'm not sure this'll help you but it works for me. If your sore back is lower back try doing calf, quad and hamstring stretches at your first stop on the ride and then again after the ride. It sorts my back pain out completely.

Cheers, Mark

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thanks but it's more complicated than that, I have a herniated disc between L4 and L5 and have to live with it !

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I highly recommend this bike. Other then grips waring out i haven't had any real problems. I have put around 500kms on this bike in 4 months. Rear Cassette has been demolished and replaced with a deore FOC from bike supplier. Now i am quite pedantic about cleaning everything after/while a ride if there is sand. Other then that it handles all bumps and jumps red hill, oxford falls, cascades and certianly manly dam can throw at it.

Great frame is also light and strong.

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