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2014 November 18-28 NZ Rotorua - Festival of the awsome 2014!

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By AussieBen - Posted on 30 April 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi peeps

Do you want to explore your MTB horizon?
Do you like to make things happen and not fluff around?
Are you competitive?
Do you like to whip it?

Then this could be the opportunity of 2014. Festival of the Awsome! (that's all I could think to call it alright!)

Please message me if you are interested in joining some good humans in a 10 day trip to the MTB mecca. The trip is booked, with 4, however we think another 2-4 would be terrific, and the more = more cost effective. Approx over all costs $2000-$3000.

Happy to chat to discuss more.

2014 November 18-28
NZ Rotorua
Accommodation booked in a Chataeu, sleeps up to 14 in 4 separate rooms
Hiring a car/bus as a group
4 fit professional family type men
Ages >33
Skills and interest range from XC, to All Mountain and some hucking lovers

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Bump and some video on link to NZ Rotorua

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