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1st Convict loved it

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By gusgusset - Posted on 07 May 2014

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Convict 100 2014
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What a great day out.
Was apprehensive to say the least after never doing more than 50 km on dirt in one day before.
I had entered the event to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis so had that pushing me on through out.
That and my best mate hunting me down on the downhills!

I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of the terrain how cool was the single track!

I chatted to heaps of cool people throughout the race helping to spur me on and for the most part people were happy to wave you through if you had a bit more pace. I was doing a bit of waving through my self as my brake tweaking the night before the race caused the rears to need about 4 pumps before engaging! fun on those water bars !

My goal was to make the cut off at the bridge so was really happy to come in under 7 hours and was stocked to have rode the river crossing.
I was feeling that up until around the 60 km mark I might do even better than my time but hammy cramps got in the way of this. However plenty of water and not pushing to hard managed to sort em out.

One detractor was only a few people hung around into the night after for many a drink . We were the only tent left in our paddock.

Will defo be back next year! Now to get rid of the 26er with the failing back brakes and beg , steal or borrow that all carbon 29er!


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No brakes? Then you should have finished faster Smiling

Feeling of completing this race for the first time is great isn't it? Well done!

The race used to be on the Sunday, bigger crowd and lots of people partying long into the night before the race, changing to Saturday has had an impact on the beers to kilometres ratio for sure, just check the comments from the older events to see how more social this race used to be.. Used to sell out faster than a One Direction concert as well.

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Well done Gus !!
It would've been easier on a 29er

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