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Simple upgrades to make for a first time racer?

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By R_M.G - Posted on 08 May 2014

Hello everyone!
A few friends and I from high school (NHSPA) are going to enter the first XC race my school has ever seen. Being my first (and my peers) race, I was hoping if anyone know's any small but effective/budget friendly upgrades to make to a bike in order to make it more race applicable? I own a 2011 spesh hardrock with 80mm of travel and we will be racing for the intermediate class mid june at yellomundee.

If there is anything extra someone would like to add, maybe about race nutrition, preparation or tactics - please feel free to share!


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mate - leave your bike, it will be fine. If it works now, it will work on the day. Rather than 'add' anything, you might think about removing and lights, or a lock (if you have one there) - no need to carry any extra baggage!

Tips for the race? Start fast, accelerate through the middle and sprint the finish.

Just have fun. You, and your mates will learn loads together.
I started racing at high school with my two best mates. We are still best mates, despite living in three different countries now, but still talk about racing our bikes, and who is the fastest!
I'm jealous of the great experience you are about to enjoy.
Get stuck in.

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Only thing I'd suggest is maybe some new tyres *if* yours are worn, and a bottle cage and drink bottle.

My first race I absolutely sucked. But I had a blast and I keep coming back for more. I got hooked! Smiling

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is this the NSW All Schools Race?
I'm racing that too, for kings

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See you there, which group?

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Yeah Kings Parramatta, no idea what team im in yet, doesnt get decided untill the couple weeks leading up to the event, we are doing races for trials i think

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