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Manly Dam upgrade work has commenced

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By spindog - Posted on 11 May 2014

Work is currently underway adjacent to the Warringah Street/ Manning Street section of track a.k.a. Track section 1 (see below). The entire track remains open and will remain so unless otherwise advised. From time to time diversions around the works may be in place. These will be well signed. Riders are requested to follow advisory signs and the relevant directions.

• Track Section 1 Park Main Entry to Manning Street - the area of track east of Manning Street
• Track Section 3 Kirkwood Street to Wakehurst Parkway Gate - the Sniggle alongside the Wakehurst Parkway
• Track Section 7 Allambie Heights junction to bottom of 19th Hole - the track leading into and including the 19th Hole

WHEN: May-June (weather permitting)

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: Improved track drainage to reduce erosion and track widening and to enable the track to recover quicker after rain. Improved track surface to enhance rider safety whilst retaining technical features. Installing corrals to reduce track footprint and to keep riders on the track to minimise track widening. Riders please note that diversions will be in place and some sections may be closed during this time.

We'll post further updates as they are received from council and the Manly Dam ranges. You can also check the Council website for updates by following this link:

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