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Rotorua accommodation

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By Moobs - Posted on 18 May 2014

Does anybody have any recommendations for accommodation in Rotorua? 3 or 4 middle aged blokes - would prefer close to town.

Thanks in advance. Scott.

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Did you read the recent Rotovegas thread?

Couple of recommendations for the Birchwood Spa:

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Alpin Motel, if you are going for a blokes mtb trip then I don't know why people even bother looking elsewhere.

It isn't close to town though, but then neither is the birchwood. Well it's close enough to walk home depending on how many beers you sink at the pig n whistle.

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+1 for that, very nice people, you can let your bike sleep on your bed.. and they have perfect bike wash facilities.

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Same same if either is full.

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Thanks for all of the recommendations. I did see the rotovegas thread but I must have read it before the accommodation options were posted.

cheers, Scott.

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Do people generally fly direct to Roto or into Aukland and drive down.

Cheers Cuzzy Bros

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I flew to AUK then picked up a hire car and drive to RTR.

Whilst you do lose 2 hours or so each way, its generally a very scenic drive.

Many will tell you that you don't need a car in RTR but as I stayed at the Aywon motel, I found it V useful for getting into town for lunch / dinner and shopping. Don't be fooled, the good pubs and eateries are NOT a short walk into town from Alpin and Aywon motels unless you class 40 mins as a short stroll. If you stay in town, a vehicle would be V useful to get back from the trails after a long day in the saddle.

And yes, you can ride to the start of the Redwoods section quite easily, but if you want to ride to the far side where the other main entrances and shuttle pick up are, you would probably find a vehicle a good choice as you avoid driving on a busy highway with fast moving logging trucks.

I was lucky to be upgraded to a big 4wd so chucking my bike in the back with a blanket was simple.

Just my 02.

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BTW, just saw this, pity it won't be ready by the next trip

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We have chosen to fly direct to Rotorua as it was only marginally more expensive than flying to Auckland. The biggest issue with doing this is they only fly on Monday and Thursday and that may not fit with your schedule....

Also Air NZ have pretty good over size / weight luggage policies. It only cost $100 NZ for an extra 23Kg which can take the form of a bike bag / box.

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Moobs, I think Thursday and Monday flights are better than the previous Saturday and Tuesday. Yes it means an extra day off work, for some, but it also means you get to take advantage of Saturday and Sunday shuttles instead of just Saturday. If you are organised and set up your bike quickly then you might also make the Thursday arvo / night Shuttle runs if you land on the Thursday.

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Have to get my ass over there. what kind of budget you reckon all in for a week with hire car?

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Have to get my ass over there. what kind of budget you reckon all in for a week with hire car?

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I got flights and hire car at mates rates (you don't wanna know unless you feel like sobbing).

IIRC accommodation was around the $100 NZ per night mark.

I bought food at the local Woolies for breakfast although the Fat Dog is hard to pass up.

Ex flights and hire car I'd say you should be able to get away with under $1000NZ comfortably. I ate out every lunch and dinner, plus a few beers here and there as well as coffee etc.

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three of us did a week including flights and car hire for $1,500 each. I can give you a detailed breakdown if you really like as we itemised every item and split it all, have a look on the cost tracker sheet of this link

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