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Basic nutrition?

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By R_M.G - Posted on 18 May 2014

Another novice here.

I was wondering, is there a general rule of things you need to keep replenishing during your rides? Obviously water and carbs but Im not too sure as to how much or when? Any tips or guides would be very much appreciated!


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There is a basic rule of 1g of carbs per kg of body weight per hour.

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You need to do some trial and error to find what works for you.

On 100kers I bring some GU, some powerbars and hopefully there is one feeding station where they have something a bit more solid to keep the tummy happy. I found that sponge cake works good to keep the tummy happy but I can't really bring it with me.

The first 20ks I don't eat anything then after that something every 10k like 1/4 or 1/2 powerbar or a GU. I always save an Espresso Love GU for the 80k mark. I have that to look forward to and a little milestone it is only 20k left.

Then just water for me from a camelback.

If it is a lap race I set up a table and do a quick stop every lap. That allows me to have a greater selection of options and variety of drinks. Again, the Espresso Lovers GU nicely laid out as that treat 80% in to the event.

It is trial and error. Some people's digestive system rebel against the GUs. Best to do a few big rides and see what works for you.

Another energy source are the cheapest and crappiest Muesli bars you can find. These are generally full of sugars and not fit for normal consumption but works well for endurance rides. A bit of nuts or grains in them to give the tummy something to work with.

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I found until I started pushing 40-50k's at pace that water and GU was fine; just water if it was a casual ride.

But then I blew up on a training ride and needed something extra to keep me going. During Convixt that was 1/2 banana every 25ks plus some home made energy / nut bars. I also added electrolytes to a 500mm bottle and swapped between plain water and this to avoid cramps.

But as per the title.. Depends on distance and intent. If it's just a medium distance casual ride... Stick with water and whatever makes you happy.

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