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Chain Suck Issue

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By antc - Posted on 24 March 2008


I've ridden Belrose - St Ives - Davidson trails about 10 times in the last month on a Cannondale F7. My limited knowledge is the components aren't great on this bike. On the second ride I got severe chainsuck and bent the crap out of the chain and considerable damage to the chainstay.

I replaced the chain with a new one however after a couple of rides got chainsuck again resulting in considerable damage to the chainstay to the point where I think it could soon cut through the frame. I had shortened the chain by one extra link to provide a bit more tension to keep it coming off the ring. The chainrings aren't to bad but a little bit of a bur on the middle ring which I will file off.

It occurs on middle and granny rings and I don't have to be changing gears. I think it's the mud that gets on the running gear thats causing it.

My thoughts are to get a plate and have it bolted somehow onto the chain stay to protect the frame and chain.

Would getting a new chainring/crankset with at least the middle and granny rings stainless steel help and possibly completely stop chainsuck when not changing gears?

Is their a good bike shop on the beaches that I could go to who are likely to be able to sort this out? I have read so many horror stories withchainsuck on the net I'm not sure of my best move.

If stainless rings are the go any reccomendations for a set for the F7 and or type of chain.

Thanks in advance!

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There was a discussion a while back about Northern beach bike shops- have a search under 'bike shops' or something. You will definately need to visit one.
Changing the chain when everything else is too worn doesn't solve the problem. You will most likely need a new cassette and new chain rings (some or all)
The shop will then tune your derailleurs and you will be a happy chappy.
Wouldn't think you'd need new cranks.
Chain suck sucks

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Bike Addiction at North Manly are the Cannondale dealer on the northern beaches and they seem pretty helpful. They might know of the problem.

Cheers, Mark

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Thanks for that I just dropped into Northside at Chatswood and they seemed quite friendly however their only solution was basically not to ride the trails I ride which I'm not frilled about.

I suspect I will have to comply to some extent or my frame will be trashed and I will have a mountain of bent chains.

He did although interestly mention it could be the rear jockeys clogging up stopping the chain and it pinching up between the frame and chain wheel.

I will give them a call.

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I wouldn't stop riding the trails. I ride Cascades all the time and never have an issue which would make me think that something is worn somewhere.

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This sounds pretty bad, I feel your pain - there's nothing worse than grinding up a hill only to have to stop due to chain suck! Sad

It's not much comfort saying this, but of course you have to 'feel' the suck and back off instantly to avoid damage. You can often hear and feel the rear derailleur 'tugging' before the chain will suck proper. Eventually when it does backpedal a little which sometimes frees things up, then you can carry on (this is harder said than done on a steep hill), else have to stop and free it fully. All that said, am kindof lucky as the Rush doesn't have a chain stay in the traditional sense so there's nothing to jam the chain there, it just gets wrapped around the rings is all.

Am curious as to what kind of lube you're using. Normally I use the Teflon stuff in a can. It's lightweight so easy to clean after rides, but on the flipside it can get washed off quickly in the wet and think this makes the chain stick more. Recently I've tried White Lightening Wet Lube. It certainly stays on longer, but that in itself is a problem when you come to want to clean things after a ride - have never had suck with this on though.

People rave about the wax based stuff but can't say I've found it that great. Perhaps it deserves another go, will try again when the drive trail is replaced (I have all the parts, just waiting for the slipping to start before swapping them out).

Maybe a bit of experimentation with different lubes will help you here? </bwwwwwww> Eye-wink

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Great lube, lasts several rides and reduces the need to degrease the chain regularly.

Not the easiest to apply though.


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