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Oaks Up and Back

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By hawkeye - Posted on 04 June 2014

Sunday, 8 June, 2014 - 07:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

4 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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The Oaks
Meeting Point: 

Glenbrook station carpark.

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Looking to do an old farts training ride up the Oaks and then back down.

Company is welcome.

Approx 60km round trip.

A chance to channel your inner Jensie. Shut up, legs. Eye-wink

I'm just getting back on the training horse after some downtime so looking for some steady climbing with a ripper downhill reward and maybe some single track at the end if conditions aren't too damp.

Who's in?
leximack, hawkeye, bluray, Kooleen
leximack hawkeye bluray Kooleen
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If it's too wet I'll pass.

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Heard from a rider who was out there today:

"Yeah its been dry, windy and cold up here all day. Trail has puddles but relatively hero dirt."

Andy Bloot's picture

All the rain's on the coast.
Should be primo conditions for it
Moist ground and no rain

bluray's picture

After all these years of riding this will be my first ride in the Blue Mountains,I'm really looking forward to it.

leximack's picture

hopefully I can get out of bed in time. See you there Smiling


hawkeye's picture

If not, I'm sure you'll catch us on the way up Don Eye-wink

Andy Bloot's picture

gonna be perfect conditions tomoz - enjoy
And let us (and the NP Sticking out tongue) know what you think of the single track

Black Flash's picture

And it's going to be rather chilly.
Our group is catching the early train up. No doubt catch u all at the helipad...

Volker's picture

On the train heading up now, too. Cu later!

hawkeye's picture

Good workout though. I had *nothing* left at the end, just enough to make the road climb out without walking.

Kooleen's picture

You were all too fast for me on the up hills. Thanks for the morning though.

Black Flash's picture

Good to catch up again. We earned those pies today!

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Thoroughly enjoyed it today even those pinch climbs,in a weird sadistic way, & how good was that single track @ the end absolutely awesome. Thanks for the great day out.

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Just saw on my strava feed that antsonline did the up-and-back TWICE today, clinched the KOM from the Glenbrook causeway to the Woodford gate on the second lap, and averaged over 22km/hr UP the hill.

I'd say "I want what he's on" but that might be taken the wrong way. Impressive. Shocked

leximack's picture

thanks guys good fun.
heres a vid of the single track bit, low res version as hd version will take 3.5yrs to upload Eye-wink

Black Flash's picture

Glad my "safety" pin came in handy...

leximack's picture

thanks for the use of your "safety pin" Eye-wink
worked a treat, must pack one for future rides. But i guess packing it in my jersey pocket may not be a smart move Eye-winkLaughing out loud

Black Flash's picture

I've got this stabbing feeling in my side... Stitch? Nope... Smiling

hawkeye's picture

Vastly improved camera angle lexi, that footage looks good.

It is a PITA to load hi-res. I tend to keep the segments short.

ChopStiR's picture

Good video, I watched the beginning then skipped to the end. I was waiting for that first tight right hander to catch you out Smiling

leximack's picture

that corner really sneaks up on you, i had to bail on it before i hit the tree, i wouldnt of made the corner at the speed i was going

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