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ideal MTB track for beginners

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By commandokamikaze - Posted on 06 June 2014

Hi all,

my girlfriend is very interested in getting into the sport of mountain biking however she has very Lil confidence and experience riding a bike at the moment.
where would you guys recommend as the perfect track to learn and practice on?? We live in South west Sydney. I'm thinking somewhere not too technical and without too many massive hills for her.
thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Royal National Park will be perfect. You can start at Loftus Oval and ride the firetrails around there.

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Go to the southern part of the royal national park at Heathcote there I take my 7 yr old there with my mates son who are locals at Heathcote end . There are plenty of trails there for beginners with firetrail and single track and plenty of girls ride there too

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Great place to learn and progress. Fire trails galore.

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Thanks for the advice fellas, appreciate it. Yeah RNP sounds like a good option don't know why i never thought of it, hopefully my girl will be tackling 2 metre drops in no time at all. Thanks guy's!

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In the other direction from RNP, Faulconbridge Point is a fantastic ride for beginners. Its 7km from the Gate to the lookout. It is all firetrail and grade never really gets too steep except for two short pinch climbs from memory. Plus it has one of the best lookouts in the Blue Mountains that make the ride worth while and rewarding.

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Parking & toilets available. Flat. Wide. Peaceful. Plenty of wildlife. Perfect for beginners.

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