Turon Gates

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By amarkie - Posted on 10 June 2014

Hi There

I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on where to ride around Turon Gates (preferably from close to the camping ground).


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Assuming you mean this place?


You can ride out along the river and then turn around and come back - it's beautiful but not that far. You can also ride back out the access road towards the highway and then if I recall there is a road on your right just as you are coming to the main road that takes you into the NP and then I believe you can hook up with the river trail again to make a loop.

Take a some warm clothes if you are camping!

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That's it .. they claim "Steep hills, river crossings and challenging tracks taking you across mountain ridges, where views are breathtaking. There’s acres of great back country to explore." but I can't find any info on the trails.

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Yeah I saw that - look I'm sure there is stuff I have not explored but it's not really a MTB mecca - there are river crossings, steep climbs and acres of back country but stringing them all together - well that's another thing entirely.

Oh I forgot there was another trail - Devils Climb or something? REALLY steep - perhaps unride-able. If I remember that went into farmland that surrounds the property or again linked up with the river trail.

Most of the exploring I did was on foot, back in the days when I thought running 160km was a good idea. And even running I didn't ever find a trail that was really long.

It's a beautiful place though.

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have been there about 4 or 5 times now and never taken a bike. A couple of horse trails and some 4 wheel drive tracks that head over to Sofala and also back towards Bathurst.

If you are going soon I'd be thinking about one of the cabins and not the camp ground, it gets cold in the valley.

There is Newnes across the road though, Flynny might be able to help you with that.

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It's a fair way to Newnes from the Turon gates. It's not exactly just across the road.

But there are plenty of fire trails and 4x4 tracks along the Turon (not that I have been there for a while. As a kid we used to go 4x4ing down through the gates and follow the river through to sofala).

Some options Up over Mt Horrible. Out to Palmers Oaky or the limeklins. Up through river Rons (Lochabar rd) to Capertee or the other side out towards Dark Corner/Sunnycorner, where you may or may not stumble over some single trail.

If you wanted to make a massive day of it you could go out through Sofala and out to hill end.

Or being relatively close drive out to Clandullar (out near Kandos) where you'll find the trail fairies have been busy

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Thanks for the info everyone, I've got some more researching to do now.

Re Newnes - actually Flynny gave me some great info about 18 months ago and I've since ridden down the Old Coach Rd from the Newnes Plateau twice with The Boy and one of his mates. The first time back up through the Glow Worm Tunnel and the second all the way out to Newnes. Loved them both!

A real adventure - here are some of the videos I've shot (still need to export the Rail Trail out to Newnes, the computer keeps crashing).


Newnes Play List

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