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I need a new bike - SCOTT SPARK 20.?

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By Markymark - Posted on 27 March 2008

Hi All,

I am starting the long hard process of looking for a new bike. Basically I ride three or four times a week. No real heavy DH stuff but plenty of fast trails and quite a few medium rocks / techy stuff. To give you a better idea, this year I am doing the BMC Working week series as well as Dirt works etc.

I was hoping I could get some feedback on the SCOTT SPARK 20..

Thanks for the input (in advance)



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I know that MBA are doing a longterm review ie they rode it for a yearin their next issue , so you may want to consider waiting until that comes out in about 4 weeks. I have heard that occasionally some of the adjustments in the shock got caught in the 07 model, don't know if this is the case in 08

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The Scott Spark 10 is meant to be an awesome XC race bike from all the reviews that I have read - very light carbon frame / complete bike, so I imagine that the Spark 20 is a pretty hot enduro race bike. The adjustable Nude shock is also meant to be pretty good from what I read.

I guess it depends if you want an XC racer with short travel and an aggressive geometry or more of an allround trail bike with a more relaxed geometry and bigger travel that will still can still be light enough and fine for enduro events eg Scott Genius, Giant Trance, Specialized Stumpjumper etc. Personally I would go with a trail bike which is more versatile with up to 5.5 inches of travel but still weigh in at around the 12kg mark based on the on the amount you would spend on a Spark 20.

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is it lighter than Stuarts bike? Smiling

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Hi all - thanks so far for your input.

The SPARK 20 is about 11.2kgs...

My riding is definetly classified as XC / Enduro.. Some of the other bikes I am considering are even hardtails (I know you are not supposed to swear here -- apologies to all who are a little shocked) I do still get a few good trials in..... most weekends.

Of course this bike is expensive and I could buy two bikes. A fast hardtail and a everyday trail ride.. The hardtails are heaps cheaper for a lighter and better spec'd bike. So this is part of the problem I have. ..

BTW - I'll definetly be checking out the next MBA mag....... thanks for the tip.

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how much is this bike going to sting you and whether this is really worth it become serious questions in a bike of this price bracket. Your other option is to go for the scott scale which is a hardtail and therefore lighter.

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Can we ask... the pilot of this XC weapon... how serious is he? I mean, some of the pros ride hardtails, but I figure that's 'cos they never sit down and are all power, power power from the off to the finish line. Suspension isn't much use to these guys, is that what you're doing?

FWIW, don't think I would consider the 100K Dirtworks on a hardtail (ouch!) - but I'm no pro, that's for sure! That techie section from WCT to bottom of Shepherds Gully is just fun, fun, fun on a forgiving machine, but on a hardtail? And during the other 90K that we won't be grinning quiet so much in ... well... let's just say I have to take a seat rather a lot so something nice and comfy is a must! Eye-wink

The way you were talking I was thinking this Spark thing must be in the 80mm range (a'la Anthem), but checked the specs and see it's 100/110mm front/rear - puts it almost on par with the Crack'n'Fail Rush yours truly is riding (and almost the same as a Scalpel). I'm on a Rush 3 with a few mods - goes like a rocket - the ride I had through the RNP sniggle this arvo is stuck on repeat in my head right now Eye-wink But it also handles GNR fantastically too (OK, not quiet as 'plush' as the Jekyll was, but the speed more than makes up for that). For your budget you'll be looking at a Carbon 2... tad (< 1lb) heavier than the Spark, but has tad (10mm) more front travel. Of course every rider thinks what they are on is the solution - but check one out Sticking out tongue

The talk of the two bikes... hmmmmmm... trouble with this is, you've got to get two really nice bikes, or you'll just favour the best no doubt? Well, that's how I'd be selling it to bank manager anyhow! Eye-wink

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A cannondale rush is that thing that looks like a pogo stick yeah? i mean it has one fork, how does that work? must save a fair bit of weight i guess

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insert funny comment here

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If you turn the rebound off you can use it as a pogo stick for sure! Eye-wink

Well... seeing as you ask:

Lefty Speed Carbon SL... THE LIGHTEST FORK IN THE INDUSTRY (Stiffness to weight/travel.)

Weighs 1240g. I've got the DLR2 sans carbon which comes in 1740g... what a hog!

Jokes aside, these pogo sticks are very rigid when compared to other lightweight forks. Plus, a lefty will (if you're lucky) spit out any sticks that would cause an OTB incident with a regular fork (think about it). Then of course there's the constant, "Hey, mate... half your fork has fallen off" 'jokes'. Ahhh... one never tires of them! Eye-wink

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does having only one or is it 1/2 a fork effect the balance of the bike in any way?

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... don't be silly. You can't tell when you are riding it. Honest! Sticking out tongue

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as a former Scott Genius rider I am an avid convert to the pogo stick. So direct, so plush, and just a great ride. Still got the genius - can't bring myself to sell it, but haven't ridden it for months.
BTW Rob musta just missed you in RNP - we were there late morning early afternoon - where did you ride?

if at first you don't succeed, try not to look astonished.

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BTW... Feb/Mar '08 copy of AMB has a 4 way test of Carbon Hardtails. Results were:

GT Zaskar Carbon Team ($5499/9.56Kg): 9.5

A great off-the-shelf race bike that doesn't require a figher pilot's skills to control.

Ridley Ignite ($5750/10.28Kg): 8

Striking good looks guaranteed - bolt on some tubeless and put the hammer down.

Scott Scale 10 ($6499/9.34Kg): 8.5

It begs to be ridden flat-out in attack mode and won't reward pottering at a snail's pace.

Specialized S-Works ($7999/9.16Kg): 7.5

It climbs like a bullet provided it's smooth, but will rattle your fillings out if it gets half a chance.

NB. I note the review says it was done at Manly Dam, but looking at the pictures they also took in a good deal of Bantry Bay!

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Viper Carbon Pro $3200 / 9.8kg (including pedals):10/10 (pity about the engine)

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Stuart... we have yet to see photographic evidence of this mythical 'Viper'... come on now, don't be shy! Eye-wink

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photographical evidence of?

We might actually ride together sometime in the next 6 months and you can see it first hand

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