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Are you a member of a club affiliated with MTBA?

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By Rob - Posted on 28 March 2008

Yes, have been for ages
15% (9 votes)
Yes, recently joined
12% (7 votes)
Yes, but may not re-join
3% (2 votes)
No, have been in the past
3% (2 votes)
No, never have been
25% (15 votes)
No, might consider it
36% (21 votes)
No, what's the point?
5% (3 votes)
Total votes: 59
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Lots of fun I recently joined the WSMTB club and did the first race a couple of weeks ago I raced B grade and got left in the dust at the start but still had a lot of fun. Next race is on the 13th of April cant wait to try and improve on my first round results.

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i am a MWMTB club member, dont live in the area and am closer to wsmtb club but MWmtb seemed more friendly and laid back (plus there main races are at Arcadia which is close), i race 7 or 8 times a yr in different races, mainly 8/12/24 races so its cheaper to buy a yearly license than buy day licenses. I dont do many if any club events due to time, but try and do 1 or 2.
Rob (alchemist) is always quick to answer questions and sort out any issues with lic renewal if needed also.


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The reason why it is taking me some time to join a club (apart from only being new to the sport) is because I live around the parramatta area and dont know quite where to join...I can ride in the mountains and I can ride in terrey hills or Lane cove in about the same travelling thing is for sure that his website is great and a wonderful promotion for you club!..well done. I cant work out what the benefits of joining a specific club would be apart from developing great new friendships!....maybe some people around my area should start the Central Sydney MTB Club!!!!(lol)

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TonyW, thats the point of this site - we are a community site, and very specifically NOT a club. Have a look at the about page and FAQ page for more info.

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Hey - has everyone voted on this? Or have you recently joined or left a club? Just I'll be using these vauge stats in a report I'm writing soon-ish.

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hi - I've just voted.
I, and Jen, joined WSMTB (mostly coz everyone said it was the one to join when we were fresh off the boat) and we race a lot. I have to admit to being a little bit surprised/disappointed by the lack of anything 'clubby' - no members emails, no group rides (that I am aware of at least), no teams entered for things like Mont, no 'get together at big races (DW for example).
Other than the licence, I cant really see any advantage of membership.
Have I missed something?

Happy to be shot down in flames if incorrect.

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Valid concerns there.

It's one of the things clubs struggle with, ie connecting with their members to let them know the behind the scenes stuff that may or may not make club membership seem more worthwhile.

With our club I send out regular emails, however about 80% of those bounce due to being incorrectly written out in the membership form, along with other reasons.

Just remember that just about every club I have dealt with no matter how big has about 5 guys doing all the work.

It's only natural then that they focus only on areas they are interested in. If you have ideas on how to improve that club feel and are willing to donate your time to make it happen I'm pretty sure the guys on the WSMTB committee would love to hear from you.

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