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Cane Creek DBCS with Bronson- the perfect match

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By Ando - Posted on 24 June 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

So after much research and deliberation between Fox CTD X and the Monarch debonair I went for the Cane Creek DBCS. went for ride on Sunday and still buzzing at how good this shock is...I mean seriously it is night and day compared to the standard Fox CTD boost valve that came with my Bronson.

There's a lot of feedback on MTB forums from Bronson owners about the CC DBCs being the perfect match and I agree. The climb (CS) component is brilliant - much better than the fox and at speed it just hold the rear tire to the ground in ways that just bring a smile to my face. Drops and airtime was seriously improved with its cat like landing .... never thought that the rear end could feel so good !

So to all Bronson owners out there - if you are thinking of changing you shock - seriously consider this one - its amazing ! The Bronson tune from their website is more or less spot on for me at the moment and is set up real easy. (thks Phil!)

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Did the CCDB AIR CS upgrade on the Mojo about 6 months ago. Massive difference over the rubbish Fox.

The 160mm on the Mojo was in desperate need of a better shock, but the DW Link suspension never needs the climbing switch.

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