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Loaner bike?

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By hawkeye - Posted on 26 June 2014

A colleague expressed keen interest in tagging along for a mtb ride, and he has some cycling experience but his urban bike is back hone in the US.

I can potentially loan him one of mine, but at 6'6" or 198cm he might be a bit cramped on my Large.

I'm wondering if anyone in northern Sydney has an XL they might be prepared to loan for a Sunday. Wheel size doesn't matter, and while full suspension would be nice a hardtail is perfectly fine. I have flat pedals I can fit.

Not sure of timeframe, we might be working a few weekends over the next 6 weeks but if you could let me know if you have something you'd be prepared to loan a newby under supervision that would be awesome.

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Hi hawkeye,
Have a mate that runs Sydney MTB Hire, his name is Mick, works out of Warriewood and lives over at Menai Area, maybe something to investigate if the need be, positive he also delivers the Bikses as well.

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…...I rented an XL Carbon Dually Gary Fisher Superfly from Re-zycle in Neutral bay for my brother when he was over from the UK.

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Quadruple post sorry!

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Quadruple post sorry!

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Quadruple post sorry!

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I'm 6.4 and 120kg

I have an XL bike with 50mm stem and 800mm bars.

The fork is 170mm coil suited to my weight.

Shock is CCDBA so can be adjusted (preferably no faffing with the dials unless you're happy to reset them).

Uppy downy seat post.

Saint Brakes (his first OTB could happen very quickly if he's not prepared!)

Flat pedals.

Shirt buttons for wheels.


If it's for around mid to late August, I'm away so it's available for longer.

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Might be able to help out with the Prophet if he doesn't mind something with a few years on it. PM me if you haven't found a better option...

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