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Wanted: Broken Shimano Shadow RD

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By GAZZA - Posted on 26 June 2014


I've now broken two shadow rear mechs and they've both failed on that top pivot, the one that fits into the derailleur hanger ( and both times the hanger on the bike has remained unharmed)
Which leads me to believe the bloody shimano part is soft as sheet!
I've got a mate who contacted Shimano Australia and they have no spare parts in stock but I'm buggered if I'm buying a new one just because of a small replaceable component.
Has anyone got an XTR mech that's broken but that top hanger is straight?
It has to be XTR as I've already tried to swap one from an XT mech and the spindles are different sizes so that doesn't work.
Will pay for spare part or buy a six pack if that's what you prefer?
Here's hoping?
Cheers in advance,

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