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By macca_chris - Posted on 08 July 2014

So I'm on a school exchange to singapore for the next 5 weeks, and I'm already missing my bike.
I understand there's a small scale bike park with a few trails, does anybody know of any riding, including this, and anywhere i can hire a decent bike?

I know it's a longshot but i might as well ask


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Ketam Mountain Bike Park is on a small island just north of Singapore. Not bad, considering its location but very short. There is some decent riding to be found if you cross over into Malaysia but you'd need a car to get there. Not sure what Capt. Google has to offer in the way of bike rental joints?

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Pulau Ubin, an island to the north east had some fun riding which I did once. There are loads of bike hire places, but they're all really basic - v-brakes etc. It lets you test your skills though Smiling

A few things to note:
Accessible from downtown singapore via MRT and then bus and then ferry
It's bloody hard riding in ~95% humidity
Take water with you
It's bloody hard riding in ~95% humidity

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I always ride Bukit Timah nature reserve when I'm there. It's a loop through forest with big tree roots being the main obstacles. Little pinch climbs. Fun course. Lots of small monkeys. At a guess I'd say the loop is 6-8km. I'm not sure of direction from city but it is about a half hour easy ride from my brother's place which is right where Orchard Rd meets Claymore Rd. We ride through Claymore Hill past all the Embassy's then past botanical gardens to get there.

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If i can find a bike i'll check this one out, thanks!

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Hi Chris,
There are heaps of places to ride in Singapore. However I always take my own bike.

Bukit timah (suburban 8km flowy loop with some techy bits).
Kent ridge
Palau Ubin (Ubin Island, catch the $4S bump boat over from Changi point ferry terminal).
Tampines MTB park (2 sections, the bmx track and the awesome area outside around the back).
East Coast Parkway ( Sealed tarmac section plus a huge bmx/skateboard bowl complex. Plus can ride all the way from the city across the barrage past changi airport to ferry terminal).
Green corridor ( the old railway line, dirt,easy, from town all the way to Malaysia, 55km!).
Butterfly and scorpion (5min ride from Bukit Timah, but best go with locals).

Bike hire on the other hand is mission impossible outside of the crummy east coast parkway hire places! Oh and also 1000's of bike for hire on Palau Ubin.(all crap).

If you or anyone else would like further info don't hesitate to mail me.


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thanks heaps! if i can sort out a bike i'll definately shoot you a pm

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