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Airless tyres?

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By pikey - Posted on 18 May 2006

Any body heard or know anything about these airless tyres?

Greg (Pikey)

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the solid rubber ones. Heavy, not very good suspension. You might have had a bike with airless tires when you were two, it may even have had three wheels Smiling

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Dunno about aireless... are you talking about tubeless?

The only tubeless tyres I've witnessed were at Manly Dam being used by some real pro-looking guy. He came steaming past me on hearbreak hill then while we were waiting at the top for his mates he was doing some tricks, and managed to roll the tire off the rim too far and 'fart' a whole load of air out of the rear.

I'd read stuff before on the 'net about 'no more tubes' and the like (for sealing wheels) but to be honest, for the weight saving don't see this is going to help most of us (fixing a tube has got to be a whole lot easier than fixing a tubless tire).

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I probably should have included the url, Doh!


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Given the number of punctures certain members of our group, who run extremely low pressures, seam to have maybe we should look further into this style of tyre. Eye-wink

I,m not excluded. :-0

Greg (Pikey)

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