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Guess what I did...

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By mikebl - Posted on 09 July 2014

Went for a ride last night.

Check my route and try and guess what I did...


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Realised you'd left your keys back at the Dam and had to go back and get them?

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Very close....

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Guessing locked your keys in the car? Also guessing you stopped at the Mall to ring home using a phone box (or grab some dinner knowing it was going to be a longer ride than normal).

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Yep, locked the keys in the car...
Didn't stop at the mall, just trying to bike around it....without local knowledge...

It went down like this:

Drive to dam
I had a jacket on as cold....
Unload bike, and get ready.
Lock car doors, put keys and phone into backpack - sitting in boot.
Gloves, shoes, helmet all on.
Lights ready to go.
Take off jacket, throw into boot and close boot...

Do the old palm to forehead slap...and say out loud "DAM"

Do the once around the car to check it is all locked Shocked

Ride home...

My wife gave a little chuckle when I turned up without the car....

Grab the spares...and head back.

Was a late night for sure...but also the longest ride I've done so far...


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Reminds me of a car shuttle overnight bushwalk I did with a mate
Drove to the end of the walk and parked my car
Drove to the beginning of the walk and parked his car

That night over a few campfire drinks I had a slap the forehead moment
I had a mental flash of me putting my car keys in the glovebox of his car

So absolutely caned after a long walk, had to get to the train station with full packs
Train all the way back to the other car
And then alone (without my pack but well over it) train all the way back again to pick up my car

I think I cried at some point Sticking out tongue

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Very unlucky but also very funny for us outsiders!!

Not related to biking but I was once at a DIY car wash washing my car in the bay with my keys on the passenger seat. The car is supposed to "know" when the keys are inside and not lock itself... Yep, the car had a fart and locked me out. Had to leave the car in the bay and walk home a few Km's to get the spare keys... Again, wife found it funny too Eye-wink

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Why didn't you ride the dam section on the way home instead of heading towards the mall and up warringah rd ?? At least that way you'd of got some MTB done.

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Didn't want to risk it. No phone, no spares, no tube/air etc....and a big ride ahead of me.

Also, not being local to that area I don't know the roads very well, so chose to pretty much stick to the driving route I use.

Maybe I need to take a look down the west side during the daytime and see what's what.


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