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Tyre recommendation

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By lonhro - Posted on 01 April 2008

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone recommened a decent tyre? Looking for 2.00 or 2.10, mainly for fire trail, single trail use ie The Oaks, Manly Dam, Other Blue Mtns rides etc

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Sub 500gm each, only had one pinch flat so far and that was my fault.

Big open tread to clear the mud and now that I'm running the right pressure they are also good in the sand traps.

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Maxxis Crossmarks and Larsens are both good choices both are fast rolling with plenty of grip and predictable when breaking.

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... as always recommended.

Current (is it Feb/Mar?) AMB has a big tire review - Maxxis Crossmark pretty much lead the pack with 8.5/10.

As Stuart says, High Rollers are also very good, and maybe a bit better for loose rocky trails and (recent) mud around here. Crossmarks seem to be aimed more at smoother, tighter packed trails than we generally have and XC racing - they certainly roll very nicely.

The GF's bike has High Rollers - 2.1 Exception (aka. Lightweight version) - these are skinny as. If you are interested I'll take a pic of the two side by side - it's quiet amazing really!

Only thing I'd say against the 'marks is that they aren't their best when worn... but then again, what tire is? I seem to be getting about 1000Km a set from the UST version but would change them sooner if I wasn't so tight! Eye-wink

Apparently St Ives Cycles have UST Crossmarks in for 45 bucks at the mo.

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Have a great all round but reasonably fast rolling tread pattern and always rate very highly, if you're after an alternative to Maxxis. In fact for all round use I'd rate them above High Rollers (whose center treads wear very fast), Crossmarks (they don't have such a pronounced centre ridge) and Larsens (better cornering tread). There's a reason they seem to come as standard equipment on a lot of bikes...

Others that weren't mentioned above were the Larsen which I've heard tell is a great rear tyre, and the little known Maxxis Advantedge which is good all round though I don't think comes in UST. Have a look at some of the other Kendas too, they can be hard to find direct in Oz but order them from the US and you'll be spoilt for choice and they'll be much cheaper.


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I was surprised they didn't have the High Roller in there. I know its new, maybe they ran the test over several months

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Nahhh... they've been around for ages!

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were relatively new. I know the bigger DH oriented high roller has been around for ages

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just stay away from the soft composite if u want em to last (40a/ slow reezay etc.) the 60a or 3c (although $$, but are sweet for long lasting action) and personally my favourite tyres of all time are panaracer smokes on rear and darts on front (dunno if you can get em any more) specialized evil twin rollers at 2.35 also kick and my new favourites maxxis minions Smiling i know i know there big at 2.5 or plus and weighty and technically dh specific, but just pedal harder Eye-wink and jesus they grab! saved my neck many a time already! no wonder they are the choice for the pros..

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Maxxis Hans Venture all the way! ....designed by Hans Rey himself....

But then ...I might be biased....Rgds, Hans Eye-wink

$37 bucks at T 7

"Perhaps the most versatile tire ever designed by Maxxis.
Its unique tread pattern - designed by famed trials and adventure rider Hans Rey - allows the tire to roll fast, yet still hook-up well in myriad conditions.

The Y-shaped pattern cleans easily in muddy conditions, yet provides great traction on harder surfaces.

M307, Bi-directional ramped knob design - front or rear

Hardpack, loose-over-hardpack, medium soil and rocky conditions

Dual compound tire 40a Slow Reezaay / 42a Super Tacky."

See you on the trails!

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get some 2.75 minion dh tyres to train on, then come race day, switch to any pair of the above mentioned and watch how much faster you are.

On a serious note, I have a magazine that just recently review a whole heap of tyres. Ill find out which one they rated the best and get back to you.

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I've just taken my set of Larsens off in favour of my old worn pair of Panaracer XC Pro 2.1s. I find they have a much better grip off-road but it's true the larsens roll very well.

If only I could find someone that sold the Panaracers here...

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I've found WTB Velociraptors to be good around the Dam, although I'm an infrequent visitor there despite it being almost in my backyard. T7 has them quite cheap for the wire bead version and I've seen folding versions at DY Beach Cycles.

From what I read they are very similar to the Panaracer Smoke/Dart combo mentioned by the OP, with quite different front- and rear-specific tread patterns. Both are 2.1s.

Not available in tubeless AFAIK, unless you're of the DIY inclination.

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LadyToast, Kerry from Phantom Cycles has the 1.8 Panaracers on his site Send him an email, he may be able to do the 2.1 as well.

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Thanks Stuart, I'll do that.


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Crossmarks have been getting great reviews everywhere. I know they seem a little bit prone to lack of grip and traction with those small knobs and curved profile, but I got a pair anyway and they are really great, much better traction than expected and very good turning ability. Mix that with very low rolling resistance and you get a winner.

Much better than my IRC Mythos, which has more aggressive knobs.



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just moved from Bontrager jones' to Larsen TT on front and Crossmark on back...this came from a number of discussions with numerous people. It is taking a bit to get used to...the tyres bite into bitumen/hardpack/rock and turn goodsize drops into small bumps!. The only difficulty is they seem to be harder to push along but Im sure I will get used to it...Ill just get bigger thigh muscles.... Great tyres!

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Most people put a Crossmark on the front and Larsen on the rear... I hear Larsens are not well known for their cornering grip on the front!

Can't believe these Jones things roll better than a Crossmark, but you never know... they look a bit nobby for smooth rolling is all:

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Ok..well maybe I got it around the wrong way!...when I go on my next ride I will switch them around and see how that goes. thx for the comment.

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Hey, talking of which, this picture popped up the other day, check out the tires:

GT Soot

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I had Larsens front and back but due to a sidewall blow out on the Terry Hills ride last weekend replaced the Larsen up front with a Crossmark. Took it for a ride around the dam yesterday and it felt great. Seems to roll well and gripped well thru corners. It also seemed to turn where I wanted it to go at slower speeds better than the Larsen.

It makes a pretty weird whirring sound on the road though!!

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well that appears to be it....I will change my tyres around on the weekend and give it a go....thx

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I'll like to purchase the Larsen and Crossmark too but...
What's better foldable or wire?

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When I went to buy the tyres I did'nt even know that there was a choice!!!!!...solid beginner!....I chose the wire because from an enginnering perspective (Im not one!) I thought it would sit stronger in the wheel and it would be easier to put on? this right or not?....I would also like to know what the difference in width makes to the user..when do you use wider? will it help?..Ive gone from a 2 to a 2.2 on the front and it feels very different or is it just the Larsen tread?

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Wire or foldable tyre? the foldable has a kevlar bead and is lighter, I'd say get the lighter one if it won't break the bank. Narrow tyres roll faster but give you less grip, they will also pinch flat easier so you have to use more air pressure to stop getting too many flat tyres, the more air pressure also gives you less grip. XC bikes normally use 2- 2.2" tyres, freeride and downhill bikes 2.3"- 2.5"?

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Has anyone used the Maxxis Monorail tyres?

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Actually... I looked at that AMB review again, Monorail scored 9/10 (erm... so did the Larsen). Must be worth a try.

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I go for the 2.0 Larson TT on the back and something kind of chunky (Continental Gravity - folding) on the front.

The Larson gives great grip up hill and low rolling resistance.

The chunky one up front gives a bit more grip on tree roots and the edges of rock etc. I will be putting a cross mark on the front next as I think the middle line will give great rolling resistance and it still has enough knobs sticking out the sides to hold onto tree roots etc.

If I rode more hardpack I would put the skinny Larson (1.9) on the back as it just looks and feels so light. However, on loose/eroded, it gets a bit scary on the 1.9. Super fast tho.

I know the 1.9 to 2.0 does not sound much different but check them out. The 1.9 has super small knobs and the 2.0 has the fatter knobs. They are very different. They look very different side by side.

I buy tires from Kuringai (Hornsby) for $35 a pop which is pretty good compared to some shops.

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yeah i have High Roller on front & Larson TT on the back, both 2.35.
I've found em to be to wide for general XC riding i wouldn't go wider than 2.2 & thats probably a bit excessive for XC.
The 2.35s + are more suited to Downhill.

other than that i think they're a great combination, grip well on technical sections & uphill while allowing me to fly on firetrail

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