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GNR 50Km of Fun (not training)

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By Rob - Posted on 02 April 2008

Sunday, 13 April, 2008 - 08:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

6 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Great Northern Road

This is a placeholder for all the 'C' group riders who only want to do part (50Km) of Steve's training epic, starting from the same place at the same time.

With any luck the two rides will meet up after, or somewhere on GNR.

'B' group are assumed to want to do Steve's ride, but just not so fast - no separate post for them. They do get the option to bail at various points, but if you feel you can't ride 50Km at a good pace (in 4 hours elapsed) then perhaps this 'C' group is for you. Smiling

Steve's training epic is moved back to the 20th now, so this ride becomes 50Km of fun at GNR instead. Most likely up Devines, along to WCT, down to Clairs bridge for those that want then return via Shepherds Gully. The definition of 'fun' is that we all ride the same course, but if the 'roids have energy to burn they are to do so by coming back down hills and doubling up and attacking the technical stuff 'til they get it right! Eye-wink

Who's in?
Rob, craigs, Heckler, tienster, Little-Ditty, Caro, Bruce, kiwiboy, Steve 01, nh, lozza6, LadyToast, Morgan, Gonz (14 riders)
Rob craigs Heckler tienster Little-Ditty Caro Bruce kiwiboy Steve 01 nh lozza6 LadyToast Morgan Gonz
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christine's picture

sounds good to me too but i KNOW Paul and he ain't no C group...

markrrrrr's picture

If paul's a C Group then I'm somewhere further down the alphabet!!

kiwiboy's picture

c'mon, nobody likes a burglar...

Bernd's picture

.. a member for the "C" Group!!!

christine's picture

Especially when there is food involved!
we can also check out the NobMob Camping Paddock while we are out there yes?

Paul's picture

The idea of the C group is for 50k riders, because there's no way I riding 92k training for a 50k race.

The plan would be to churn out 50k's at a steady pace then partake of a burger and fries at the koisk near the ferry while waiting for the other suckers to return.

kiwiboy's picture

we might be up for that...

if at first you don't succeed, try not to look astonished.

Andy Bloot's picture

Just to clarify, when you say 'but if you feel you can't ride 50Km at a good pace (in 4 hours elapsed) then perhaps this 'C' group is for you.'
Does that mean the c group is doing 50k's in a time in excess of 4 hours elapsed?
And if you feel that you can ride 50k's in 4 hours elapsed, is there a group for that?
Or is that the b- group, set out at a quicker pace, but opt out at 50k's rather than the full 90??

Rob's picture

Well... my guess is that the 'A' group will be doing their first 50Km in 2.5-3 hours. That means the 'B' group will be taking up to 4 hours. So if you can do 50Km in that time the 'B' group is for you - even if you then feel you have tried too hard (good on ya!) and have to bail on the last section.

If all that sounds too much, 'C' is for you. Clear as mud... sorry. Eye-wink

christine's picture

was that the C group was simply going to be more fun!

Andy Bloot's picture

I think we all just turn up on the day
See who's keen for what and start riding

Caro's picture

but not sure if I can handle all the talk about DW without actually riding, too sad Sad
Mmmh, but didn't I read burger and fries after?? Oh well, no worries then Laughing out loud !!

petulance's picture

Sounds good to me. I'll be up for it.

Paul's picture

Sorry guys I can't make the old convict road because me and a mate were lucky in a ballot to go under the Sydney CDB and follow the old Tank stream water course through convict made drains, etc. It may not be everyone's cup of latte but I'm so so excited.

Stuart M's picture

are you going to ride the yeti or the ss?

The ss might be easier on the drive train

Paul's picture

The SS, it's set up for lights and I expect it to be a flat track.

lozza6's picture

is that the A group has now changed dates, making this C Group ride the new A group?

What is this ride like? How technical is it?

Would love to join.


Brian's picture

I would like to join the C group (now A group) but I can't make the 13th so I might be down for the B group on the 20th, that is if there will be a B group Smiling

PS. They were talking this would be fun so I imagine that means fast technical???

Paul's picture

Warning - with the A and B's changing their date to the 20th, all you C's riding on the 13th are being overrun by those A's that don't have a ride.

On the bright side with the change of ride date to the 20th I might be able to make it. Are there any other C's out there you want to ride on the 20th?

lozza6's picture

for everyone else, that means slow/brake melting rolloffs for me Sticking out tongue

Liam/Peter, I can't believe how fast you shoot down those rough sections! amazing to watch.

As long as there are some NON-A riders on the 13th and 20th, I'll try to make both. I sure do need the practice/training.


craigs's picture

If it is of any comfort, the very fast andersons+oaks ride had everyone within a few mins of the leaders.
Mind you there were a few mechanicals that helped keep the pack together.
The general conversation was that this ride would be a more relaxed ride for all. So that would mean the usual wait times for catch ups.
If a B or C group does evolve then I am sure some of the alternate courses offered within the threads would allow everyone to have fun and all meet up at the end.

christine's picture

c on the 20th I would be keen to do that especially as i am out that way that weekend anyway...
i am iffy for this week as a C as i have a chest infection... and no, it hasn't stopped me from talking!!

MEEEE Smiling

petulance's picture

I'm touch and go for this weekend as well. Picked up a case of the sniffles last weekend.

Stuart M's picture

to say about her

petulance's picture

the cold / flu ...

but I bet you knew that didn't you, Stuart?


LadyToast's picture

If it's not hammering down I'll do my best to get there.


Morgan's picture

On the assumption that B is in the middle whichever way you look at it, I think I've joined the C group, unless C comes before A, in which case I'm in the A group.

Nothing too technical please - I still wear knicks.

Rob's picture

Erm... that's the whole point of GNR Laughing out loud

OK, there's nothing that you can't get off and walk of course, but if you can't ride rocks 'n' drops too well expect to walk quiet a bit.

Of course remember... practice makes perfect! Eye-wink

Gus's picture

Suppose the C group suits me better due to my lack of fitness. Sure to make up some time in the down hills with all my travel( are their down hills?). I'll be sure to bring plenty of power bars so as not to hold up the troops.

lozza6's picture

I don't know the point of GNR, I've never done it before Shocked

I rode pretty much all the harder bits of Andersons and the Oaks (albeit not that fast). Is this good enough, or will GNR be considerably harder?

I have 2 parties as well on both Friday and Saturday Sticking out tongue Good ole carbo loading...


LadyToast's picture

Hi Loz

If you all of the downhills on the andos-oaks ride, including the rock garden at the end of the single track you will be fine. Even if you hadn't you can ride at your own pace and roll off most/all of the drops. It's a great track..

Is anyone bringing shin guards? Smiling

lozza6's picture

I did ride most of the rock garden only putting my foot down here and there in places when I got off line..

Will definitely still come, just depends on how big saturday turns out to be....

Laughing out loud


LadyToast's picture

well I came off there so your one step ahead of me Smiling

lozza6's picture

Firmly in the back of the pack on that ride Laughing out loud

Little-Ditty's picture

GNR is mainly firetail sized trails that go on forever - seemingly! Smiling They are not overly technical, as least by my definition. I would compare the more technical parts of GNR to be similar in size and difficulty to Manly Dam, like the first sections of rocky parts near the golf course. Do-able by nearly all riders. Any non-noob will be fine riding GNR. Although take plenty of water. Sometimes you can struggle by running out of water. For some reason or other, it always turns out to be hot there.

LadyToast's picture

..well sort of, I have just remembered I don't have the car this Sunday.

Is any kind soul able to offer me and my bike a lift? I live in Frenchs Forest but can get pretty much anywhere in Sydney.

Pretty please...


Gonz's picture

You can view or download the GNR video from the following link:

Full info about GNR on the following link:

See ya Sunday.

Rob's picture

No offence to the TrailFlix guys - they make nice movies and all - but I really don't think this does GNR justice.

They make it look like all firetrail with just a few easy rock roll downs. Trust me, anything that sees Steve 01 regularly OTB is a tough trail! Eye-wink

Gus's picture

is this to be 50km of fire trial or is there a reasonable %age of single track. Nothing wrong with fire trail climbs but not sure if I’m keen to ride 50km of fire trail. #@”*?

Rob's picture

Well, technically I suppose it's fire trail, but fire trail like this:

Climbing Mob Peter Rolling Rocks GNR Liam GNR Climbs GNR Jeff

That's about 10Km of what I always say is the best technical riding around Sydney - we'll ride it both ways Laughing out loud

Then there's some more standard fire trail. The run down to 10 Mile Hollow is a blast, rough and rocky with some good water bars. Shepherds Gully is also 2Km of very rough and technical downhill.

pikey's picture

I peddled the GNR this year for the first time. I would call it the widest single trail in NSW. It has many technical hurdles to tickle your fancy. It is flat compared to some of the rides we do and it has many well structured stairs to climb and launch off.

Everybody has to do this trail before they die Eye-wink


Little-Ditty's picture

There is no second guessing. You know you want to go. It's a great ride, so we'll see you there. Eye-wink

lozza6's picture

So will the ride do the same run as the 2008 Dirtworks course?

Or will it be a different set of trails?

ie will this ride reflect what the 2008 dirtworks course will be like?


Rob's picture

Nope, all this fun is not on the 50Km DW course. The stuff we're talking about is part of the 100 - the 50 has a bit of similar rock riding but nothing as tough.

Fun as this stuff is, the technical challenges can be a bit arduous as you hit them 55Km in after climbing up from Ten Mile Hollow.

Gus's picture

sorry all, im sure you'll have a good time without me, hop some are keen to this one again in the near future.

petulance's picture

Still struggling with a cold so I will be lucky to get through 10km, let alone 50km.

I noticed earlier in the thread that there is some interest in a 'C group' ride next week (20th). Is anyone else keen on that day?
My cold should have cleared up by then.

lozza6's picture

I'm currently struggling as i'm drunk, haha

Will still try to be there...

umm, if i'm not... dont wait.


Gus's picture

next week sounds good. C group for 50km's good for me.

Rob's picture

Wow, I'm out of superlatives to describe that GNR feeling. Here's the profile:

Thanks to Steve and Cupcake for using freeride bikes a) so we could keep up, b) so I could chase them down the Gully doing things a XC bike just probably isn't meant to do Eye-wink

And thanks to Nigel for destroying my legs on the scum back. Ouch! Eye-wink

Today I woke up with a terrible sore throat and not feeling too crash hot. Did this ride with that out of mind, too busy having fun. Now I feel like dirt and my nose is dribbling like a leaky tap. Uuuurgh! Barf!

LadyToast's picture

Great days ride.. despite the odd spill. Delivered everything that was asked from it - fun Smiling

See you next time.

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