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Which Jindabyne Trails

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By bmar560 - Posted on 15 July 2014

I'm off to Jindabyne next week for 2 nights to take the kids to snow. Not going to try to snowboard this time so I'm going to bring my bike along. I should be able to squeeze in 2 rides at least, weather permitting.

Which trails should I or can I ride while over there, I've read a few reports here and other sites, and it sounds like the Tyrolean village trails and Lake Crackenback are the ones to go to. Bungarra looks good but it looks like they are closed during winter and on weekdays.

Any other recommendation ?

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Although i am not speaking from experience, i have friends who have ridden tyrolean and say that was the best riding they did in the snowys

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You should have a look at if you haven't already as it is a great resource for trail videos and there are several videos of trails in the Snowy area. Aaron Markie is also a NobMob'er.

Additionally, I spent 4 days at Lake Crackenback in April this year and can confirm that the trails there are good fun. If you include all of the resort trails plus the Muzzlewood, Bullocks Flat and Threadbo Valley/Diggings trail there are about 25kms worth around Crackenback. Mostly true single track and not a lot of elevation change, but watch out for the large wombat holes very close to or even on the track. You could lose a wheel in the more established holes. Tends to be smoothish and hard-packed brown dirt that holds up reasonably well in light rain.

There is a short section of black trail which you can see on the resort map, but its main claim to fame is some awkwardly placed rocks at points where you are trying to drop into or climb out of a shallow gully. A PITA for a fair (that's me) to competent blue rider that just buggers up the flow, but probably not enough of a challenge for a competent black rider.

My main concern would be that it was chilly enough in April so it will be (literally) freezing at this time of year. Be careful and be prepared.

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Have always taken my bike on snow trips when staying at Jindy. Ride out on the trail from Jindy to the Tyrolean area trails. Easy to find, fun and well worth it, especially if the weather is poor for skiing. Cheers

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just putting it out there
its the best snow season in 20 years, the skiing is a LOT better than the mountain biking at the moment...

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I rode there over Easter, based out of Jindabyne.
The best trails by far were Bungarra Resort.
The trails around Lake Jindabyne and over to Tyrolean Village are OK, especially the runs going down hill.
The Thredbo Valley Trail is OK but fairly short at the moment still.
Trails around Lake Crackenback were OK too.

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I'd also recommend the Cascade track, starting 5km from Thredbo, but it's open alpine and I think that may be snowy so probably more of a summer ride.

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thank you all.
Will check the trails back, hopefully they are not covered in snow.

I'm a much better rider than snowboarder Smiling See how it goes but I think I'll skip the snowboarding this time.

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Lots of fun,not super techy allthough there are some farely difficult sections if you go off the main trail.Some one has added to the short down hill section recently with some fun gaps and berms The out and back past the tyrol village to the small beach from jindy is about 10kms each way,thBungara is closed mostly due to the permafrost that damages the trails.Havent ridden novatel yet this season but is meant to be pretty good as well.
The snow has been exceptional but at the minute its unfortunately raining up here on the mountain....

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So I did get down to Jindabyne last week.
Only managed 1 decent ride in Jindabyne.

As it turns out there's a connecting singletrack about 20m from where I stayed at east Jindy to the main trailhead at Tyrolean village. Trails were muddy at quite a few points making it tough on me and the bike. I rode all the way to the Jindy town centre and back. Nice flowy trails and if you go off the main trails into the side tracks, they get more technical and rocky fun, just like what bikemad said. About 20km return trip all up.
I rode during the afternoon so it wasn't that cold but it was still 7 degrees.

Would love to get back down there in summer when it's dryer and try out the other trails around Thredbo as well.

For a consolation ride, we stayed 1 night in Canberra on the way back to Sydney and I squeezed a couple of rides at Stromlo and Sparrow for some sweet flowing singletrack. Riding through Sparrow at 7.30am on a foggy 3 degree day was a new experience.

Oh... and I found out how good Coconut Juice is when used a sports drink, they were on special at a supermarket in Canberra so I bought a few cans and used one for the ride in Sparrow

Thanks for the tips from the guys here !!

Some Photos:

Jindy Dam
 photo IMG_20140724_154054_zpsfd8c2f43.jpg

The Polish Explorer
 photo IMG_20140724_152146_zps631726d2.jpg

Snow capped mountain in the background
 photo IMG_20140724_151517_zpse8447773.jpg

In someone's backyward
 photo IMG_20140724_150035_zpsb46b7e91.jpg

View from my balcony
 photo IMG_20140724_080757_zpsbfe47a3b.jpg

A Roo family at Old Duffy's Descent, Stromlo
 photo IMG_20140725_153700_zpsb35d6605.jpg

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Looks good!

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