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A disappointed 15yr old.

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By R_M.G - Posted on 20 July 2014

20 Jul 14

After timing myself today I was somewhat disappointed at my time, not because its slow, but because a year after timing myself Ive only improved my time by 2 minutes. (I was the "Alright for a 14 year old")

After a year of riding difference I can definitely say that Im a fair bit stronger, agile, confident and overall more aggressive and faster than I was this time last year. My time of 40mins last year included stopping for a rest and dropping a chain - neither which happened to me today so really I feel like I haven't improved anywhere near as much I had thought. Oh well. Hoping with a new bike soon my times will improve to a sub 35. Any pointers in the meantime?

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Agree I'm 48 ( older than your dad probably) and can do a 31 min - you should be disappointed. Now harden up and do lots and lots of laps - 3 times per week min and report back in a month.
Note your times at various sections and aim to beat them - one at a time is ok then join the improved sections together i.e get a system together to improve - chin up / stay within your limits

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If I could ride that often then I certainly would! Unfortunately I live in the east subs and have to catch a ferry and school is a big factor. Only going to fit in a lap a week at this rate, and my bike gets shaken to bits on the descents..

(He started college before your were born;)

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