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Quarry Road Track, Hornsby, closed indefinitely

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By Tristania - Posted on 30 July 2014

Bad news - as new trails are born, old ones seem to die.

Just as OMV reaches new heights of popularity, the adjoining track from Stewart Avenue to Quarry Road, Dural has now sprouted some unwelcoming signs closing us in two parts of the track, making it impossible to legally ride from Dural to Hornsby. There have been warning signs of the rifle range as long as I've been alive, but I've never heard of any real issue, though now the signs stop one from entering at all. Not sure the reasoning behind it - whether some ultra-tight regulations are now coming into play or if it'll be increased risk from the range, but anyway, here are the signs.

One of the favourite physical punishment tracks now sadly appears to be off limits Sad

Judging by the response to those riders who were tracked having ridden OMV when it was wet, I recommend that one doesn't record riding on QRT, as long as these signs are there. Maybe it'll change!

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Quarry Trail restricted access (Ends Tuesday 28 July 2015)

The North Shore Regional (NSR) Target Shooting Complex Management Association and NPWS are working to improve visitor safety along the Quarry Trail. As such access restrictions are in place where the trail bisects the danger area of the Hornsby RSL Rifle Range. Entry points to the Rifle Range danger area are signposted. Restricted areas are:
An 800m section of trail, 2km from the Quarry Road entrance, Dural and
An 800m section of trail 300m from the Stewart Avenue entrance, Hornsby

All visitors and personnel wishing to traverse the restricted section of trail must request prior authorisation by contacting the NSR Target Shooting Complex Management Association on their 24 hour contact number: 0417 201 606.
If shooting activities are underway unauthorised visitors and personnel must use alternative authorised routes to navigate around the affected area. Alternative routes for walkers are currently being investigated.
Great North Walk access adjacent to Berowra Creek is unaffected by the closure.
Further information regarding the Hornsby RSL Rifle Range is available at

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The track isn't permanently closed, you just have to ring the number on the sign before you use it, which I just did and for today it's all clear until 9:00am.

So a bit of nuisance having to ring but as long as there isn't any shooting going on and you get the all clear it can still be ridden.

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So you have to ring before you go in?

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Sounds a little bizzare... we have to ring to determine whether we are in danger of being shot, as opposed to the club having to put up a sign to say shooting is in progress. But I guess it's just one phone call.

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Shooting is from 1.00pm to 4.30pm, Saturday afternoons.

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Yep that's what I was told. I wonder if they've heard about the internet? A web page with range timings would be a handy thing.

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There is more than one club based there and there is mid week shooting as well. They would be displaying a red warning flag when shooting is in progress but as previously said better than a stray bullet .....

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a website to tell people when not to ride somewhere, what a great idea because that has worked so well at OMV.

On a serious note, a phone call to make sure you don't get shot so that an access trail can still remain used most of the time, that sounds like a fair compromise to me. Glad it's not phone number up there.

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So NPWS (aassuming they are responsible for QRT) is prepared to close a whole area from all users to cater for one group? Seems unfair when its so hard to get MTB access to many areas and we're happy to share with everyone. All this at a time when the use of NP roads at west head for racing may also be in jeopardy.

Should it not be a condition of operating a shooting range that you are responsible for implementing measures to contain any stray bullets?

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So, what's changed so they now need a sign? I've been riding QRT to get to OMV since not long after it opened. The first time I climbed up to Stewart Ave, I stopped and a rider coming down the hill is there any safety issue, and he said no. There was one tiny old sign on the climb & I've never seen any sign on the Dural side? So has it always been risky?

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I just called the number becasue I usually ride this trail between 7am and 9am on weekends. The guy who answered told be that's fine - they never do any shooting before 9am.

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There is a sign on the dural side, i found it once, half buried by dirt, on the rocked-off track to the left of the track just past the obelisk, so i guess it has always been a risk.
So this side is a part of the buffer zone, but most of the guns that they fire there (.22's) can't reach that far anyway...

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Whilst this new safety precaution is probably over zealous, a .22 will carry well over 1500m and some of the rifle clubs shoot targets using .303's and 7.62mm out to 800m, and are accurate out to 1000m. The pistol club shoots everything up to 9mm.
Much rather be discussing bikes though..

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Yeah as Chris was saying, the old signs have been there for more years that I remember but I was under the impression that they were there just as a precaution as if there were any real risk, it'd be completely closed. Am curious as to know whether there will be any additional risk compared to what has previously been the case.

I feel sorry for whoever has to be on call - they'll get pretty sick of hearing from cyclists!

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