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Quarry Road Track (Berowra Valley) update for 30 Jul

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By Tristania - Posted on 30 July 2014


QRT has now sprouted some unwelcoming signs closing us in two parts of the track, making it impossible to legally ride from Dural to Hornsby. There have been warning signs of the rifle range as long as I've been alive, but I've never heard of any real issue, though now the signs stop one from entering at all. Not sure the reasoning behind it - whether some ultra-tight regulations are now coming into play or if it'll be increased risk from the range, but anyway, here are the signs.

Judging by the response to those riders who were tracked having ridden OMV when it was wet, I recommend that one doesn't record riding on QRT, as long as these signs are there. Maybe it'll change!

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Quarry Trail restricted access (Ends Tuesday 28 July 2015)## I guess its over..?#
The North Shore Regional (NSR) Target Shooting Complex Management Association and NPWS are working to improve visitor safety along the Quarry Trail. As such access restrictions are in place where the trail bisects the danger area of the Hornsby RSL Rifle Range. Entry points to the Rifle Range danger area are signposted. Restricted areas are:
An 800m section of trail, 2km from the Quarry Road entrance, Dural and
An 800m section of trail 300m from the Stewart Avenue entrance, Hornsby

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Not closed all the time, just give them a ring on the number on the sign to see if there's any shooting, you're allowed in before 9:00am any day

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