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riding tours of mont blanc

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By tayls - Posted on 07 April 2008

Has anyone done a mtb tour of Mont-Blanc. I'm currently in Europe for a few months - lucky me - and I thought that I'd try my hand at what is supposed to be one of the great ride areas in the world. There seems to be heaps of company's offering rides and so I was after some advice on which to pick. I'm currently looking at a 3 countries 6 or 7 dayer which is run by a UK outfit - but ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated - before I take the plunge. After XC / Enduro not pure downhill as the lefty just won't handle it.

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... you did a bit at Avoriaz, I think???
in winter I ski'd down to Swiss, "The Swiss Wall" and it is steep, realy steep!!!
also I found a few nice MTB Parks in Germany: Black Forrest remeber the Vid on this site a few weeks ago! also Black Forrest
on you can find most MTB parks.....put Australia in it...result = none!!!

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Yeah... I've ridden from Morzine quiet a few years back. Great stuff, would really appreciate it so much more now as didn't really have a clue back then! Sticking out tongue

Didn't ride the wall, but you can get down the Swiss side via another route then come back in a huge gondola, rather nice. They were loading bikes on dedicated racks even back then - puts Thredbo to shame.

Anyhow, sorry, that's all I know, google is your friend no doubt.

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...check this one out next time I'm in Germany, looks very good!
Liam, you would stay there for weeks!!! (I'm about an hour drive away next March!!!)

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