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New Zealand - Pahaki Trail or Taupo?

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By amarkie - Posted on 18 August 2014

Has anyone ridden both the Pakahi Trail and Taupo? For someone who prefers gravity what would you choose?

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not sure if you've seen this site? It's a great reference for mtb trails in NZ!

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The Pakihi is longer and a loop although there is a lot of road to get to the start of the trail. Pretty steep climbs also if you arent into long climbs. There is a long downhill once you get to the top although its not that steep and follows the ridgeline until you get to the river and then winds along the side which is pretty nice. We had a mate shuttle us so we didnt have to ride the road / sand dune parts of the loop which cut the ride down from 90kms to about 50kms

I would probably recommend the Taupo Great Lake trails though - the climbs arent as big or steep, but the views of the lake are awesome and the downhill switchback sections are pretty fun. We did them as out and backs - both the W2K (below) and K2K sections.

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Awesome great info. I would only do Pakahi using a shuttle.

Thanks for the GPX thats brilliant.

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Surprisingly no .. cheers

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