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Will Ourimbah be dry/rideable by this weekend?

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By CrankyFrank - Posted on 21 August 2014

A group of us have plans to go riding at Ourimbah on Sunday. But with all the heavy rain lately, I see I might have to reconsider, although still hoping we can go..

So my question to those of you that have more knowledge about the Ourimbah trails than I do, is there any chance it will dry up by Sunday?


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... are in the range of zero to none.

I'd book a group spin class somewhere or get one of those hydrofoil bikes they're hiring at Manly Dam Eye-wink

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Please stay away, it will be a mess.

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I just checked in with Danien at Wild Horizons, and he said the Wingello trails are OK to ride.

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".. book a group spin class..."

hawkeye, your idea of fun and my idea of fun are separated by a gulf so huge it would be measured in light years. Laughing out loud

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Oh yes, but for who? Eye-wink

Just ask jacojoco what happens on our group rides mwahahaha Laughing out loud

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Getting cranky in this weather.. need to ride!

Thanks though.

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My local trails are ok and I know a few in Sydney that are rideable but I will not tell you where..... hehehehe

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