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By ChopStiR - Posted on 23 August 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Changing Role of IMBA Australia
Published Date
Written by MTBA Media
MTBA wishes to announce that, following the changing role of IMBA in Australia, MTBA will be taking over the programs of MTB Advocacy and mountain biking Trail Development throughout Australia.

The sport of mountain biking in Australia, and the associated programs of Trail Advocacy and Development have successfully grown through the assistance of international programs. However, it is now time that MTBA provides a more co-operative and focused approach from a single National perspective. We recognise that in the past, it was confusing for MTBA to have a separately branded program and it was diluting the overall potential that a uniformed organisation can bring to future development possibilities.

This transition of roles from IMBA to MTBA is a fantastic opportunity to offer better support to all key parties involved in the development of mountain bike trails. We are realigning the program to work more closely with Local Councils, the various State Governments, the landowners and to support all MTB Clubs with their liaison and lobbying of these various groups.

MTBA’s focus will reduce significantly in the actual construction elements of trails that it had been involved in the past few years. A number of new strategic initiatives are planned including a nationally based trail network, including phone app and GPS locator and development of a National Standards/Guidelines for Trail Development, Maintenance, Sustainability and recognised Training Certification within Australia. We will be advertising shortly for a new Program Manager.

You will no longer be able to purchase individual IMBA memberships as these will streamline into the MTBA Membership categories. While MTBA remains an IMBA affiliate, MTBA members will be affiliates of IMBA.

Updates on activities in Advocacy and Development have been mentioned in our regular e-newsletters, we will however, provide further updates in upcoming newsletters.

So MTBA is taking over all of IMBA-au's Advocacy and Trail Development.
I'm confused and hoping others may know more. What does this mean for IMBA-au, will they continue to exist and what will be their role?

I'm excited that MTBA will be developing its own National standard/guideline to trail development, Maintenance, Sustainability and recognised Training Certification within Australia. I'm very keen to get some certification. I completed two IMBA courses but there is no recognition for it.

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Nick moved on so at this stage as far as I know imba au hasn't got any one to run it independently

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So getting a MTBA membership comes with a race licence(which I would not want)?-Is very confusing.

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Hop Fiend

MTBA also has cheaper recreational memberships that do not cover you for racing.

Edit: Thought I would add that social membership is only $50 per year which gives you insurance cover for most non-medicare covered medical expenses and third party property damage you may have caused. Worth getting! Insurance flyer (PDF)

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Does anyone have a contact for MTBA? I have been trying several to have some discussions on behalf of the Glenrock Trail Alliance and I can't get a response.

I knew Nick had moved on and was interested to know what would come of IMBA. I guess this is the answer.

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Emailing Rus direct seems to do the trick lenny,

MTBA is now back in the CA offices. I have found them very helpful once you manage to open a dialog but Getting an initial response seems much harder

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What I am hoping to speak about will be a nice test of where advocacy stands in the scheme of things.

Can you PM me Rus's email.

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